October 07, 2016

    Man, taking an entire month off of blogging really slowed down my timeline of things I want to talk about. Next week, you'll see another Real Talk post, in honor of an amazing woman I lost in the month of September. I thought two Real Talk posts in one week was a bit much. Those topics tend to be dull and slightly depressing, so I figured I'd give a little wedding run down on this Friday morning!

If you think this is the only wedding post, you're dead wrong. (; More annoying snaps to come!

    The morning of our wedding began at my mom's. My sister woke Penelope and I up early for cinnamon rolls, coffee, and the first morning that actually felt like fall. Around 9, my cousin came over to do hair. She recently graduated from beauty school and is the only one I let cut my hair. I knew she'd do an amazing job and she totally delivered.

    My sister ordered us these adorable matching shirts to wear to get ready and to the garden where our ceremony took place. How freaking cute, right?

    While we were waiting, Penelope actually fell asleep literally fifteen minutes before the ceremony was about to begin. That little cat nap happened to be just what she needed and in no time she was up and her bubbly self.

    So I have a confession to make..... Even though I was hiding up in a room in the green house way before Joshua arrived, as soon as I heard his voice outside I was creeping all around and looking out every window I could, just to sneak a peek at him. Not fair, right? I couldn't help myself, he looked so handsome! ♥

    My dad walking me down the aisle was parts blur and parts emotional. When I saw this snapshot someone captured with their phone, I was actually shocked. I'm not making a weird face, or talking. I know I talked A LOT! My dad was for sure a little choked up, and I feel like the both of us ran down that aisle like we were being chased. 

    My brother walked Pen down the aisle. She was probably so confused. She was just fascinated by everyone looking at her, and she actually was so well behaved during the ceremony. 

    My cousin, who is ordained, married us. Working with such a small amount of people, and having someone marry you who was already invited anyway, just worked for us. I'm not going to lie, I barely heard anything he said. I was a little occupied by the man in front of me. (; This was a so very obvious pre-vow photo and those photos will probably never surface here on According to Kiki. I mean, do you really want to see photos of us crying, looking down at paper and developing sixty chins from all those variables? Yeah, I thought so.... 

    Tomorrow, I will have been married for a week. Yesterday, marked exactly a week we've been in the house. Today, I'm feeling a little on the where-in-the-heck-did-my-week-go side. I can't wait to share more bits about the wedding, including photos of the reception, and a few little bits and pieces of how I was feeling that day. 

    Thank you so much for supporting my mental woes during that month long blogging break and thank you from both of us for all the exceptional love and support we've received on our social media. Much more to come! 

Have an amazing weekend!

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