October 14, 2016

    Try not to grit your teeth when reading through our first official home project. Our sellers are adorable. An older couple that have been so sweet to us. I mean, hello, did you read my nightmare home buying story? They stuck with us through that mess and have continued to stay in touch via Facebook. Any jokes I crack are in no way meant to poke fun at their decorating, style, etc, but we are in our 20's and obviously have our own home ideas in mind.

So with that out of the way, let's get into it! 

    Obviously, if you read Monday's weekending post, you know the living room no longer looks like this, and I actually snapped these Saturday morning. We knew this room was going to take a lot of work. There were lots of aspects we loved about the space, but others we knew had to change, like the carpet. It's a personal preference, but I'm so anti-carpet. I just feel like it's so dirty, and we spill things way too much. The bedrooms and hallway are all hardwood floors, so when we ripped up a bit of the living room, we were a little bummed to see only sub-flooring. It is what it is, and that's just a part of home ownership. 

    Yes that's a twin mattress. Don't judge me. Joshua and I don't both fit on that love seat very well, ok? My favorite aspect is how much light this room gets!

    The love seat we are currently using was a loner from my Yia yia and Poppie (grandparents). They had too much furniture in their living room, so they asked us if we wanted it for our one day family room (when we finish the basement). It's small, but insanely comfy, and who am I to pass up a free love seat?!

    Both of these lamps will disappear in the final living room reveal. The one on the far left actually came with the house, but it's dated and not my style. The one on the right was from the apartment. There used to be a twin, but Penny broke it. Remember when these crystal style lamps were super trendy? Well, as you can tell, I rode that trendy train to Target, which resulted in two and a half years of inappropriate jokes about my "suggestive" lamps. I'm not going to get into it. Let your mind run wild with that.

    The table was something Joshua actually made in high school. I love it, and it will probably make it's way into one of the bedrooms, but for the living room, I wanted to have matching end tables.

these curtains doe..... 
    This brings us to the worst part of the room. This broken window. Not broken in the tense that glass is everywhere, but broken in the sense that the small "filing" type material that exists to keep moisture from getting in between the glass panes, has broken, causing the entire middle of the window to look like, well, that. It's not an cheap fix, and one I see us having to push come spring. Fortunately, the window is still in excellent working condition, it's just not the prettiest thing to look at.

    Behind me, in these photos (not pictured) is a little more of the living room that leads to what will be our dining room. To the left of the window (pictured above), is a little more wall, and a slight hallway that leads to a coat closet and the front door. It's an awkward space and we're not sure how to make it the most functional just yet. The lighting was weird, and didn't photograph well.

    Already, this looks so different than it did less than a week ago, and I cannot wait to show you the finished project! The before and afters won't even look like the same house!

    So what are your weekend plans? I am up to something a little on the crazy side tonight and if you follow me on social media, you'll see what I'm talking about in a few hours. (; Have a great weekend, all!

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