October 17, 2016

    Um, surprise? No, don't rub your eyes. That is a pup, and a very cute pup if I do say so myself. Sure, in an ideal world we probably should have waited until our house was "done." That thought actually crossed my mind a lot over the last few weeks. What in the heck does "done" actually mean though? Will we ever really be "done?" Is anyone ever able to declare that they are "done" with their house? I'm guessing the answer to that is no. No matter how many projects you do, you're always going to find something that still needs work, that still needs done.

    Joshua has been begging me for a puppy for what seems like forever. It actually caused some tension about two weeks before we even closed on our house, but in the end, you know what, life is freaking short. Both Joshua and myself grew up with dogs. I had a huge mastiff shepard mix, named Zuki and he was the best. He was a huge dog that constantly left me picking bits of hair off my darks, but the best none the less. Joshua grew up around dogs his entire life and I knew eventually, it would be time to welcome one into our home.

    That's where this little guy came in. Yes, I said eventually, however,  I'd been in contact with several local rescues and all that was available were dogs. With a toddler, that is a hit or miss situation. Do you get a dog, who may or may not be ok with kiddos and other animals, or do you deal with the potty training aspects of puppy-hood? I had a lot of pros and cons, and when I saw this guy, I knew the search was over.

    After coming up short with rescues, a guy contacted me about some oops puppies his dogs had just had. The more I spoke with him, the more I felt that he was a great guy who loved his dogs, and really just wanted the best home for the pups. He sent me several photos of the ones that still needed homes, and when I saw this little guy, my heart literally freaking exploded. Still, I wanted this to be about Joshua and I was going to let Joshua pick.

yes, that is his wedding time

    Fast forward to Friday, I rekindled our date life and did a little throwback, if you will, to the times we were cool and he used to take me on adventures blindfolded. It was just our thing and eventually we stopped because, you know "adult life." This man literally works all day long, a 40+ hour a week job, and comes home to tackle things off the home to do list. He has never ever complained and last week, I wasn't a very good wife. Instead of praising him for his hard work, I nit-picked. Why? I have no idea. Somewhere in the realm of stress, PMS, you get it, right? On the night I was an ungrateful swine, he said the most devastating sentence to me, "I feel like you don't appreciate me," and that knocked me off my high horse. It knocked me off and burned into my brain painfully, and I knew I needed to give myself a reality check. The following day, I emailed Mr. Oops Puppy owner, and finalized our transaction. I told Joshua we were going to "dinner."

have you reached maximum puppy-cuteness capacity? 

    He annoyingly mapped all my twists and turns in his head, and even driving a half hour away couldn't trick him completely. He knew where we were, but he still didn't know why. When we pulled into the driveway, Mr. Oops Puppy owner had the pups playing together in the front yard. I told Joshua that I loved him, and I never ever wanted him to feel like I don't appreciate his hard work. I told him to take the blindfold off and the look, that very moment, was the most satisfying thing I would ever see.

    He lit up. Like kid-on-Christmas morning lit up. I told him to pick whichever one he wanted and to my surprise, he picked the one that initially melted my heart. We named him Kylo, and we're obsessed. He's half Labrador, half rottweiler, which apparently is a thing and you call them a "Larottie?"

    Pen had a rough weekend tackling a case of the sickies, so the full on "I got a puppy" hasn't really set in yet. Child never gets sick, so of course, right? We did however, get her out of the house for a bit yesterday to teach her how to walk him. She loved that!

    How was your weekend?

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