October 29, 2016

    A few weeks ago, I shared our first before segment which featured our living room space. I can happily say it's about 80% done and I'll be sharing it very soon once the last few touches are added. Since the living room and dining room have a flow factor to them, we decided to redo the dining room in roughly the same time frame as the living room. Sure it was a lot at once, but we're so tired of sitting on the floor and eating dinner!

    Gaze your eyes on what resembled a storage closet, or basement for the first few weeks of home ownership. For real, it felt like it took us a million years to unpack all this stuff. Ok, so a lot of it is still sitting like this in the basement, but out of site out of mind, right? Let's just make that my philosophy for this journey. (;

    To the left of this photo is the kitchen, and to the right, the entrance to the living room. The kitchen will be a massive project and one we wont be able to do for five years or so, but when we do, that entire wall to the left will be gone. For now, we are working strictly cosmetically.

    First thing to go from the dining room, that dated wallpaper. To our advantage, we only had wallpaper in the hallway, dining room, and kitchen. Since we aren't touching the kitchen this year, removing the hallway and dining room paper was a breeze. For real, I've heard horror stories and expected the worst. It really wasn't that bad. 

    These photos are really all I have in terms of before photos. I mean, it's a sort of square room with one window. There really weren't too many angles of it that would have made it look anything more. I am super excited for this space and to share the finished look here on According to Kiki! 

Have you ever spruced up a dining room? 
What is your house decorating style? 

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