October 25, 2016

we can't take a good photo together...
    Another weekend in the books full of wonderful memories made. We did some more basic fall things, celebrated my brother's 15th birthday, and were surrounded by family in the process. Busy, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Oh, and my typical two day weekend unexpectedly became a three day weekend! What's better than that?

Friday... So it rained, A LOT. What is the best cure for a long work week and a case of the rain blues? Our favorite dinner spot. We high tailed it over to Danny Boy's and let someone else do the dishes!

of course we brought Kylo. 

Saturday... Pen and I snugged and watched Elf (her current favorite) after breakfast and headed to the store to pick up some ingredients for our annual Crock pot party. If you're a new reader, it's a little thang my family does every year. A bonfire, some folding chairs, and everyone brings a crock pot full of something. This was my first crock pot party as a *vegetarian, so I'm not going to lie, it was my least favorite to date. Food wise at least. The company far surpassed my food woes. Next year, I plan on bringing two crock pots with some vegetarian options and to trick my Grandma into making her Broccoli Cheese soup with veggie broth instead of chicken. (;

    Since it was outdoors, we brought the pup. Why does he look enormous though?! For real? He will be 10 weeks old this week!

Sunday... This was an oops we-all-slept-in morning. Yes, all of us. Even the dog that has been getting one of us up at least once a night for potty breaks. Even Pen who is a weekend early bird, and even me, who secretly LOVES waking up before everyone to sneak a few episodes of HGTV shows while I sip my morning coffee.

    Joshua woke us all up and I literally had less than an hour to change into Poison Ivy. A character I've ALWAYS wanted to be, but if you look up Poison Ivy, on Google or Pinterest, you'll see a lot of not so friendly mom costumes. Ok, that came out wrong. I'm sure there are a ton of hot mamas everywhere who sexy it up for Halloween. From a personal standpoint, it's not for me. I was determined to create a "modest-ivy," if you will, and for less than $10, I'd say I killed it. Oh, and Joshua's Clark Kent costume cost us zilch. Thank you Pinterest!

    After I had my face on, and we round everyone into the car, we headed up to Boo at the Zoo! Pen had so much fun last year, so it was a no brainer to fit it in this October as well.

    She's only slightly obsessed with the carousel. We only rode it twice, but she could have gone all day if that were an option. I mean, I get it. Spinning, riding around on animals, listening to generic circus music. Who wouldn't want to do that all day.

    No my sister isn't trying out some new, weird hair style. If you remember back to my wedding photos, she could have been the one going as poison ivy, but she's reading for something new and is currently undergoing the un-red-if-i-cation process. Yes, I just made that up and typed it as such to avoid those red squiggly lines telling me how terrible I am at spelling.

Pen is pointing at a man dressed as Darth Maul that she continued to obsess over the entire visit. 
    A closer look at my really easy ivy makeup and humongous forehead vein. It looked a lot better right out of the gate, this photo was taken shortly before we left the zoo. The green "helmet" I like to call, was made out of eye shadows. I also contoured my nose with a little red brick shade by the Balm (no idea the shade). On my lips, I mixed a Wet and Wild lipstick and a Nars liquid lipstick, which again, looked way better upon arrival. I hate spending a lot of money on adult costumes, and was so happy with this year's DIY!

Monday... Like I said, surprise vacation day from work. I got a lot of laundry done, and Pen took a three hour nap! Growing kiddo! Yesterday evening, Joshua finished our dining room floor and hung our new curtain rod and a fixture. I feel like we are getting so close with being done and I can't wait to show you the space!

How was your weekend? 

*I still, on occasion, consume fish and the appropriate term for such is pescatarian, but the confuses the blah out of people. That's why I say vegetarian very loosely. I'm not trying to mislead, it's just a confusing term. 

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