September 27, 2016


    Poof, I'm back. Not too long of a break, but a much needed one at that. I was able to put all my focus on things that needed my attention and really clear my head of all the unrealistic things that come with the social media world. Ok, that sounded bad, I actually love social media, but when personal life hits some bumps, it gets really freaking frustrating seeing so & so with their new puppy and blah blah blah... I try my darnedest to be selfless and happy for others, but when you're in a situation that rocks the boat, the words just slip out. "IT'S NOT FAIR." I hate thinking that. A part of me wishes I could time travel to slap my dramatic self absorbed self in the face, but I'm human, and we've all thought that way at one point or another. I thought it, and I pushed through it, that's all that really matters.

    Thank you all for being so ridiculously kind to me. I wont meet even half of you in my life, yet the positive vibes and encouragement as I expressed my need for a little slow down were so overwhelming. The internet can be scary, yet all of you made it so special. I can't be more blessed, really.

    Silence taught me that no matter how bad of a day you're having, someone will go out of their way to wish you well. Whether they're a friend, mutual friend, or total stranger, there are good people in this world, and they genuinely get you.

    Thank you so much, again! Lots of story time coming up next week! Our weekend will probably be super low key, I mean, we're only getting married on Saturday, but no biggie....  (;

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