September 30, 2016

    Back in May I made a little lists of Spring Goals and to my surprise had accomplished quite a few of them when summer came around. I promised myself quite a lot in my summer goals, and to my surprise, I actually tackled a ton of them! 

Tolerance.... I mean, you can never stop trying to be calm and let life do the rest. Oops, I'm still "not "tolerating people. (; 

Reading....This book literally cannot sit on my desk until September. I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in 4 hours. However, it's technically a play with barely any words per page. So yay, but I'm not too sure that counts. (; I ordered a book on Amazon this week? Girl on the train. Maybe come Winter I'll have actually read a book?  

Use up a bottle of nail polish.... My Spring polish purge had me wondering if this was really possible. With as many as I tossed, I have to wonder why I haven't managed to finish one lately. I finished L'Oreal's Butterfly kisses! 

Do something charitable.... I need to be more selfless. Even if it's buying a homeless person a meal. No, not the ones that hold signs.... the real ones I see hiding and digging through trash for cans. Those people that would really feel something from it. I want to think of smaller ways I can make an impact too. Thoughts? Suggestions? There's a lady who stands outside an old mall. She approached Joshua and I and at first asked for money, which I'm NOT ok with. Then she asked for a cold Coca Cola. We were running late and we left. I keep trying by to see if she's there and I regret not making more time to stop and get her something to drink. I did purchased a police officers Chipotle for him last weekend. When he asked why I did that, I said "It's hard to be you right now." You would have thought I was the first nice person he'd come across all day. It was actually really sad. I don't want to cross this off just yet, because there is still so more I can try to do.

yasss bushes.....
MOVE.... This might be a horrible goal I'm setting for myself, but with the way things are going, there's literally no reason we should still be in our apartment come September. Double, triple, knock on wood. Well, here's the big news. As most of you know we're getting married tomorrow. Oh, and yesterday, we closed on our very first home!! It was a horrible experience, and I will share that story next week, but I'm so happy and full of ridiculous emotion that I just want to ugly Kim K cry even typing this!  

New camera.... My mom's camera brings tears to my eyes. It was dumb expensive and I want one. Stalking those sales..... Nope. Not yet. Cleary with the move and wedding, money has been tight. This goal will roll over. 

Tattoo.... Yes, this is lame. I am 100% aware, but I have wanted a lightening bolt tattoo ever since I had my last one done back in 2011! If you're pondering why a lightening bolt, yes. Yes it's totally the reason you think it is. *pushes glasses up. This is way low on the pole of things I want to do and if it doesn't get done, I wont care, but I'd like to finally do it. Still want this tattoo, but wanted to wait until after the wedding. 

The monster under the bed.... I dropped my phone the other day between that dreaded space where the wall meets the bed. As my hand searched around for it, I felt ashamed. There's a good three years of crap under there. This needs to happen, and as soon as possible! I crossed this off even though I'm a big liar and I didn't do this. Joshua did. (;  

Baths.... I need to soak in the tub more. When I make time for it, my body thanks me. I love using bath salts and just listening to a playlist without thinking about any stress and hoopla in my life. I need to do this at least once a week. It keeps me sane! Perhaps in my new tub? (; 

My desk.... My work office is very organized to the naked eye. If you were to open one of my five desk drawers, you'd see I am a big, fat phony. They are soooo bad. I have no idea what's even in them anymore, I'll save this for a rainy day when I can work through some lunches. I have organized my desk at work and really my entire office!  

Keep my cool.... I've expressed on here many many times that weddings freak me out. The entire premise and how people "change." It's awful. I think thus far, I have managed to be super chill in all our wedding planning and I want to remain that way. I want to be happy, sure, but the people attending need to be happy and comfortable as well. We are literally doing everything the cheapest way possible and ballin on a budget. My wedding band came yesterday. It's super simple and boring, but I figure in a year when we aren't trying to do a million costly things at once, we could replace in with something cool. When I tried it on, the marriage thing felt so real. Honestly these last few months it's felt really real. Hey, it's tomorrow. There's literally nothing I can do at this point if something goes wrong and I feel like I've been a pretty chill bride. (; 

Oh yeah, I'm getting married.... I want us to write our own vows. Our wedding is already super nontraditional, so why not keep on keeping on? I have a good idea where I'm going and what I want to say, but I should probably get on that, yes? Wrote my vows and counting down the hours! 

    I think I killed it. Not to- just kidding, I am tooting my own horn. Hear me blast it loud because I am ridiculously proud of us. We've been working our behinds off to get this house. Holding our breath and crying. We got here on our own and it finally feels so satisfying! Can't wait to share more in the next week! Look out for my explanation of why I took a month off from blogging, next week!

     Here's just a few things for the fall season. Spoiler alert, and don't get offended future self, but I know fall is your favorite and you tend to get really slacky in the motivation department every year around this time. 

Tolerance.... If at first twice you don't succeed. 

Reading.... C'mon is one book too much to ask?! 

Do something charitable....Someone very important to me passed away during my blogging break, and I have a post dedicated to her coming very soon. She was such a Godly, selfless woman and put a lot of her time into the local women's shelter. I want to find more ways I can help the women's shelter. She would want that, and I want to do that in her memory. 

New camera.... C'mon Christmas deals! 

Tattoo.... I'm thinking this will probably get neglected. 

Baths.... I'll be shocked if I do this, but can't hurt to throw it on here. (; 

Penny's Room.... This will be our first house project. Since we're moving an entire month later than we thought, I really want to get the ball rolling on some simple home things like flooring and painting. Renovations can come later, but we really want to have Christmas morning here and have all the Grandparents over. 

Living Room.... Again, Christmas morning antics. 

Set up recycling station.... We have a little space in our garage I think would make for a cute little recycling station. 

Clean out the storage totes.... We have a lot of junk to go through. Old decorations, little things from high school. Clearly I don't need love notes little Jimmy wrote me in 5th grade. Don't you ever just look at stuff and wonder why on Earth you kept it? 

Meet Joshua half way.... I don't want to start this marriage, and this excitement in our new home with us arguing over paint, or living room furniture. I don't want to be a total control freak and ignore his vision he has for our home. I want to make it a point to listen to him, to meet him half way. 

Have a great weekend! 

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