August 05, 2016

tooooootally stole this photo idea from Stephanie (; 

    Ah, social media, technology. To think my fifteen year old brother cannot recall a time before cell phones, really reminds me of my age. I reminds me of progress and makes me question whether or not it's all as "evil" as our grandparents like to convince us it is.

    Social media has it's way of twisting words and ruining lives, remember when Stephanie and I talked about the negative side of social media just a few weeks ago? A situation I hope no one ever has to go through. Today, we're stepping away from the negativity and talking about the good it does and the good it can do for anyone if used correctly. The phrase itself was designed to be positive. I mean, it's not called Anti-social media.

absence makes the ♥ grow fonder.....

    I'll start with my biggest supporting example of why I'm pro-social media. In 2008, I met a friend who looked different, spoke different and came from another country. He was so different I just had to be his friend. I had to be in his life and knowing him all these years as really changed my perspective on people from other countries. His name is David; he's from Spain. He was an exchange student when I was a senior in high school, and still, a fantastic friend of mine. Social media allows us to feel like we are a part of each other's normal lives without having to speak every single day. It allows us to feel a pseudo sense of closeness even though we haven't seen one another in person, in six years.

    Another instance, my best friend just moved over 2000 miles away! Social media, snapchat, make it feel like I'm still seeing her each and every day. Technology itself doesn't replace the feeling you have when you catch up with an old friend, but it sure beats the alternative of never hearing their voice or seeing their face.

    In addition to keeping those ties strong, the world wide web (does everyone say this like Optimus Prime now?) has allowed me to explore and get to know myself in a way I'm not sure would have been possible before.

instant personality, just add Pinterest.....

    Pinterest allowed me to find a style, to find another style, and to break style rules. Instagram gave me confidence to participate in style challenges and "meet" other moms who just want to feel awesome in their own skin Snapchat allowed me the false sense that everyone thought I was freaking hilarious, and Facebook, ok, well there's really nothing good I can say about Facebook. (;


    I mean this very easily outshines them all. Three years ago, I mustered up the courage to start my own blog after losing myself for hours and hours in blogs I found through Pinterest. I was pregnant, planning for the future and hoped someone would care to read what I had to say. I still remember my very first comment and the rush I felt knowing someone took the time to read my nonsense. That one comment drove me to improve, to never stop learning and to continuously work to make this blog reflect me in the very best way possible. For real, I want you to feel like you're sitting next to me and I'm awkwardly breathing down your neck telling you stories.

    Three years from that first comment, I have tons of amazing women that read and leave me wonderful comments. I have formed relationships, friendships with people I may never actually meet in person, but internet land allows us to be friends and to lift each other up when we're feeling down or just really need some advice on how to deal with terrible twos threes, (let's face it tots are just emotional in an array of ages). This place allows me a resolution to how to wash my hair less, or how to wear that purple top hanging in my closet that still has the tags on it from a year ago. This is so much more than a blog to me, it's feeling I belong.

     For every bad moment that comes from social media, and technology in general, there are a million and one other reasons to make me stay at this keyboard. A million and one reasons to be thankful for advancement.

How do you get down with social media?
What's your most used app?

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