August 08, 2016

    I'm smiling as I type this. Simply because this last weekend was literally one of the best if not the best weekend I've had all year. I was just genuinely happy from beginning to end, and even with the slight NFL sabotage of yesterday's Hall of Fame preseason game, I'm still walking around with rainbows coming out my nostrils.

can you tell how humid it was? #melting

Friday...Joshua and I haven't had a night out since April. Yes, April. His birthday actually. I can't say I really noticed. I mean when I started to think about it yes. However he and I aren't those "omg I need a night out," types. We genuinely love just chilling with our kiddo. But, we all know that nights out are not only good for the parents, but for the kiddo.

when you ask someone to take your picture and don't realize they're taking two.... 

    Hall of fame week was still in full swing and Joshua surprised me back in May with tickets to see Tim McGraw! We were super excited to see the new (but not quite finished) stadium. When looking for our seats, we ran into a few friends and even my cousin and her boyfriend.

    The concert was amazing. Joshua and I butchered all of his songs, and really just enjoyed it being just the two of us. Tim was top notch in performing and even slipped us all a peek at what's under that black tee. Pshhh 49 is the new 30! (;

If you ever thought I was being dramatic about being pale, this photo of me sitting next to my cousin will confirm all I've said. 

Saturday.... We woke up early-ish and headed down to Lake Mohawk for some lunch and boating with my family. Pen has been in swimming lessons for the last several weeks and watching her kick around in the lake, really showed us her progress. She LOVES it and actually jumped in a few times. With daddy to catch her, of course. (;

    Late afternoon, we packed up and headed back to town, to celebrate Joshua's stepdad's birthday. I'm not one for parties anymore,  but I'd never turn down a backyard cookout. We jumped on the trampoline, the kids played in the sprinkler, it was a lovely evening.

    Penelope is a cuddler. In fact, every Saturday and Sunday she wakes me up at the crack of dawn to eat breakfast and then cuddle on the couch. She literally says: "Mommy cuddle." It's the cutest thing ever, and how could you ever say no?! She loves to hug and kiss our nephew, but he's SUPER independent! haha I'm waiting for the day he shoves her away. He's not into her shenanigans.

Sunday... We did the usual lunch and Nana and Papoo's house and enjoyed the sunshine. Joshua's parent's were headed off to the Hall of Fame game yesterday, dressed in their football gear. Remember I'm not footballer, so if this temporary tattoo offends you, I sowee. (;

    Remember when I said up at the top of this post that the stadium wasn't really all the way done? Well, that caused some issues, and those issues made a lot of football fans irate. Apparently the NFL thought it was ok to do the field the morning of the Hall of Fame game. You know, yesterday morning. Someone used the wrong paint on the field and the paint dried to nearly resemble concrete making it unsafe for the players. Millions of dollars were put into this field in the last year and it's not complete. This was to be a temporary turf until the permanent one was installed next summer. Wouldn't you know all this happens after hundreds of thousands come from all over the country to see this game following the Saturday night Hall of fame induction ceremony?

Here's my two cents if you don'r care about football, you can skip this last paragraph...

    There's a lot of hate going around locally. It actually hurts. So many people, LOCALS even, are blaming Canton for this. I'll admit, I've been one to slam Canton here and there for things, but I'm no dummy here. All people working on the Hall of Fame and the Tom Benson stadium were hired by the NFL. NOT the City of Canton. So how does blaming Canton seem plausible? Canton has it's troubles and has been trying hard to fix them. Don't beat the city while it's down. I get why people are so upset, but this could have happened at any pro stadium, at any time of the season. How many times have games been canceled because of field conditions? HUNDREDS! Two cents complete. 

All in all, fantastic weekend!
How was your weekend?

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