August 29, 2016

    It's been over a week since I posted. On one hand, it's killing me, on the other, well, life man. LIFE. Stuff has just been so crazy on this end. With my brain working on literally coffee and anxiety, I have little time to dedicate to this little inter space of "me." Posting to post at this point would just be a waste. I still have a nice empties post coming this week (my biggest ever), and I really hope to give a proper update on the whys and hows of our life right now. Not that anyone needs to know, but this is first and foremost a "life" blog and I just want to keep it that way. You know, keep it raw and talk about the good, bad and ugly.

    I WILL still be active on other blogs. I LOVE reading your content and it seriously makes my day seeing someone else happy and living their dreams, recapping their vacation, or welcoming a new baby. I live for moments where I can smile and feel for others.

    I will never stop blogging, I dont see that happening. This space makes me able to speak without actually speaking, to express things I can't say. I just need to slow it down for a few weeks. Once I'm on top of things, I swear I will bombard you with a million wedding posts, and other life happenings. Thank you for reading and wondering where I've been. <3

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