August 22, 2016

Another Monday, another weekending post. However, today, I'm talking about one day of the weekend in particular. Sunday, my bridal shower!

    We'd been watching the weather all week and biting our nails. What started as 80% chance of rain, turned to 30% and when we woke up yesterday, we were pleasantly surprised with a chilly fall-like morning full of sunshine. My sister and I hit up Starbucks for some fuel, and we headed to my friend Kayla's to help them set everything up.

my sister and my babe.

    My friends have seriously been working their butts off for months on this party. Since we aren't having a wedding party standing next to us at the alter, I wanted to include my girlfriends the very best I could. Giving them full creative reign with this party, was just the ticket, and I couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out.

warning, photo heavy!

    It figures no one seemed to snag a photo of the lunch set up before we all attacked it. The girls slaved the night before preparing ham and cheese sliders with a poppy seed glaze. Since I do not eat meat, they also whipped up a delicious and fluffy, veggie pizza, as well as a ton of fresh fruit for me! Most everything we ate was purchased local, something that's near and dear to my heart, and I was thrilled to have a bit of my personality in a party I had no hand in planning. 

    When our friend Kasey text us on Saturday, asking what our "wedding hashtag" was, I didn't have an answer. I know pretty much everyone has these now a days, and we figured why not just roll with it if we found something catchy. It didn't take Joshua all of 5 seconds before he blurted out "Promotin' to a Roten." Catchy, right? The lovely artwork is that of Kasey's hand. (; 

L to R: Joshua, Kasey, Penny, Bailynn (I'm holding Brittney's baby), Brittney, and Kayla

    Speaking of Joshua..... when the party started, everyone asked me about him. They wanted to know where he was and why he wasn't there. I get it, our entire wedding/ life has been anything by traditional, and that's starting to really stick in people's minds. After the sixth person asked, I text him and told him to head over. He did a lot of Penny watching, and potty runs, but I was happy he was there. Traditional just isn't our style. Clearly everyone likes him. (; 

    I'm not going to lie, last week was less than ideal for me. Some insane stuff happened I'm not ready to share on here just yet (though I will). I was feeling really down on myself for things I have zero control over and being with all these amazing people, that love me, really turned all those sour feelings around. Seeing everyone around me not only forced me to snap out of my funk, but it proved to me that everything is going to be ok. That all of these people have my back and that we're all in this crazy life together. 

How was your weekend? 

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