August 17, 2016

July 2015

    The other day, I was tucked in the corner of the sectional, binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix when I dropped my phone between the couch cushions. Joshua and Penny had gone to bed, and I scrambled my hand through the cushions in hopes of gaining easy access to my fallen phone. Instead, I pulled out a sock. Joshua's sock, and just one sock. As I held it in my grasp with slight annoyance, I glanced toward our bedroom to see a pair of socks in the hall. Balled up in all their dirty sock glory. I tossed the orphan sock in their direction and my free hand found my phone. I laughed. This happens daily. 

    In less than two months, I am forever stuck with this scruffy, rad guy that can't seem to find a laundry basket to save his life. From love notes scribbled on post its, to page long letters, I'm constantly reminded of the moments we share and the love that grows from them.

    Moments are fleeting. It's so easy to forget about something that brings you joy when something negative comes into your life. We always focus on negative things, even if the day before something wonderful happened to you. It's just human nature. This leaving-his-socks-in-the-most-bizarre-of-places, man constantly reminds me of those moments that deserve my focus.

    Marriage is quite the concept. You make a promise to each other that no matter who leaves the cap off the toothpaste, that you're in this together. You tell one another, "I will mop the kitchen floor because you refuse to do it," and "I promise to overlook all the coffee cups you leave next to your ridiculous makeup collection in the bathroom every morning." Marriage is picking up those socks, ignoring those coffee cups, and swallowing your pride. Marriage is compromise, tolerance, and after a long day, wanting nothing more than to embrace that dirty sock leaving man who scrubs your kitchen floor on his hands and knees because he knows you hate doing it. As he hugs you back, he isn't thinking about the 4 coffee cups sitting on the bathroom counter and the translucent powder spilled that morning you were too lazy to clean up. He's thinking the same. That these moments together far surpass those tiny flaws each of you possess and sweating the small stuff is for newbs.

    I can't wait to call Joshua my husband, to pick up his dirty socks, while he scrubs the kitchen floor, and to watch our love continue to grow into all it can.

Random photo at the top from last summer of the two of us from Canton's First Friday Celebration down town. It's a year old, but a photo I've never shared before and it so perfectly describes us in all our nerdy relationship glory.  

What pet peeves have you looked past to be with your soul mate? 

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