July 22, 2016

July 2014.

Miss us? Stephanie and I had to opt out of The Friday Post for the last two weeks due to a series of unfortunate events. Everyone is healthy (for the most part) and we're ready to tackle today's topic with girl power, because today's topic is seriously a problem.

    The photo above was taken at a time of my life where I was the happiest and most miserable person, all rolled into one. On one hand, I had a beautiful 5 month old, who I'd do anything for. On the other, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin, and adjusting to the post baby body continued to be a struggle for me over the next year of my life. It should have been easier than it was. I shouldn't have felt embarrassed. I should have gone to the gym with friends and worked it all off, but I didn't because gyms have always terrified me. That situation is another topic, for another day, but let's get back to gyms, and gym intimidation.

    When you think about it, going to the gym to work out, is only a continuation of high school PE class. I mean, except for the whole voluntary status of going. For me, PE class was a thing of nightmares. Maybe it was being a little over weight, or that one time my bra broke during a kick ball game, but PE class was always dreadful for me. I wasn't athletic. Not in that sense. I could throw a baton up spin around three times and catch it behind my head, but if you asked me to hit a ball with a bat, I couldn't do it to save my life.

    Fast forward to college, and the very first time I ever set foot in a real gym. It was a stunning, state of the art building with heated side walks, a pool with a waterfall (that I never got into) and equipment. Ellipticals, treadmills, do-hickeys that I wasn't even sure how to use, and sweaty bodies attached to each and every one of them. A few friends that meant well, continuously invited me. It felt cool, but it also felt awkward. It felt like PE class all over again and my gym drive died with that feeling.

    Picture this: You wake up one morning, look at yourself in the mirror and decide you don't like what you see. You tell yourself no more excuses, that only you have control of your life and you join the nearest gym. It's an easy scenario for me to understand, and one a ton of moms face every single day. At first you're nervous. You feel out of place, but after that first month you can already feel yourself getting stronger. As you finish your workout and wipe the beads of sweat from your forehead, you head toward the locker room high on endorphins. You feel great, you feel powerful, and as you shower and change your clothes, you notice your jeans fit just a little looser. You leave the locker room with a strut. A confidence strut you didn't have before. You may be far from where you want to be, but you're proud of yourself none the less. As you leave, you were too distracted with confidence to notice the blonde lurking in the shadows of the locker room. The blonde that doesn't feel the same toward your progress as you do. The blonde that's just posted your naked body all over her snapchat. The blonde that just so happens to be a Playboy model.

Confused? Here's the article, and yes that's a Perez Hilton link, because I freaking love him. (;

    There's a dark side to social media. Most of us have probably experienced it at one point or another. Whether it be something directed at you, or even something made to humiliate another. Most of us know the difference between right and wrong, but surprisingly there's a huge group of people that just don't give a shit. 

    Dani Mathers.... a beautiful blonde bombshell, who's biggest claim to fame is posing nude. For real, no shade at nude models, or anyone who wants to take nudes. It's your body and if you're consenting to it, ok. Would I ever? No. Do I care if Celebrity A, B or C does? No. But Dani, there's a huge difference between you electing to shake your goods in front of a camera and a woman showering at the gym. What you did is disgusting, disturbing, and immoral. Something you should have known was wrong had not all your brain cells been vaporized by Blonde No. 8.0. In fact, Miss Dani, people like you disgust me. People like you are the reason I do not go to gyms. This woman could have been a mother, a middle aged woman who decided to take her health more serious, a sister, an aunt, a friend, and you publicly humiliated her for what? For the sake of laughing? Because you had something else going on in your own life that you just "cant even," about? I hate to break it to you, but this crossed a line. One I'm not sure you will ever be able to come back from.

    I am but one woman. One mother who's body is marked up by stretch marks. Who's body isn't bikini ready, and I'm cool with it. Now I am, after a lot of self love and soul searching. For the most part, I'm a pretty level being, but when I heard about this story, it struck a nerve. A nerve because this could have been me. This could of been my mom; whose had three children of her own. The only reason it's being reported as "news" is because a C list, nah, more like D or E list, celebrity decided it would be "like so funny" to post it to her snap chat story. (She claims she didn't know how to use Snapchat. Sorry, I don't buy the dumb card. You were still taking a photo of a nude human being without her consent.).We have to remember that social media, while being fun and convenient, also has it's dark purpose.  To twist truths, and exploit the innocent. Be mindful of what you post, how you post it, and above all be kind to people around you. No matter their skin color, their height, their weight. We all have the same heart, and until we start treating each other with respect, this world will not change, it just wont. 

I talked briefly about mom-bod positivity back in April, check it out!

What are your thoughts on this social media controversy?

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