July 05, 2016

    Our weekend had a lot to do with water, and packing as many activities as humanly possible into one three day weekend. Joshua and I have become pros at that.

L to R: sister's boyfriend, sister, brother, mom, dad, Joshua, Pen, and someone you want to be friends with. 

Saturday.... My cousin, Grace, got married back in December to her long time man of 11 years! We finally celebrated their marriage with a beautiful lake side reception and danced the night away. Joshua and I quickly learned that Pen is a total party animal and we'll need to watch her. She took extra naps that day, since the reception didn't start until 6 and I knew we'd be out late. Wouldn't you know, when it was time to leave, she ran back onto the dance floor, thumb in her mouth and was still doing some killer toddler moves?!

Seriously, she's got some moves. 

Sunday.... This was our crazy day. We began with a little brunch at Joshua's dad and stepmom's house. I posted this pic of Pen in all her patriotic glory, because we were later attending a friend's baby's red, white, and blue themed 1st birthday party! 

    I didn't take the theme of the party serious enough. Believe me when I say I stuck out like a sore thumb in my army green tank. People went all out! It was such a cute party and we have been so blessed to be apart of baby Bai's life! 

    After the birthday party, we did a quick outfit change into some warmer clothes (yea, thanks July) and headed to the lake for the evening's fireworks show. The kids passed time by digging in the sand, and were honestly so tired and cranky come firework time, they were over it after the fifth one went off. 

Monday.... The 4th was so much more low-key than the rest of our crazy weekend. We took a drive to another lake, to hang with my side of the family, and enjoyed overcast, not too hot weather. Might not be everyone's ideal summer, but for me, it's awesome. Not to mention I didn't have to hide under an umbrella most of the day. #palelife

    This lake is amazing. The homes around it are so cozy and unique. I swear we took a 40 minute long pontoon ride just gawking at the homes. Pen even fell asleep on the ride! I was a little nervous, but Joshua took Pen out on the Kayak. Our little water baby loved it! 

    Joshua and I mentally took the weekend off. We promised each other not to bring up our wedding, house hunting, and just enjoyed each other and our families. I can say that giving up that worry for just three days seriously took a huge weight off my shoulders. Sure, I woke up today and the first thing I did was scroll through all the emails my realtor had sent over the weekend, but I got those three days of "me" time, and I'm in a much happier state of mind than I can say about myself from Friday. 

How was your weekend?
Do you ever take a mental vacation on the weekends? 

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