July 25, 2016

    All my southern friends, just let out now. That huge eye roll you're about to give me when my Ohioan self complains about our weekend. I get it, you guys tolerate heat way better than I, but man, sympathize with me for a hot second. (;

    I took Friday off to do something fun because I turned 26. I'm not a huge birthday person. Really, at all, but I felt the need to update you on my current age status, because I feel as if a whoa is me post is probably in the works. I am totally aware that it's nothing, but I feel a lot older than that, and emotions are real, man. To sum up the day, Joshua's mom, Grandma, our nephew, and his mom took Pen and I to lunch. It was chill and they fed me. That's the perfect way to feed my emotions. Literally. Plus it was too hot to do anything.

    Saturday it was still too hot. I'm not ashamed to admit most of our day was huddled around the air conditioner. Which Joshua took apart, cleaned, and fixed better than any maintenance man ever has since we've lived in this apartment. Pen was feeling ridiculously cooped up, so we took her to the local park for a little play time. Since Ohioans are allergic to heat, no one was at the park. A little disappointing since Pen really wanted to play with other kids, and trust me I was feeling the mom guilt like something serious as I watched her dig in the sand all by herself. #babyfever

    We really tried. We stayed for about an hour until my flip flops were melting to the black top before retreating back to the good old AC. We finished the night with tacos and friends, and stayed up later than I have this entire year.

    Sunday was our basic go-to-Joshua's-dad's day. It's pretty standard for our Sunday. We played outside for a little bit, Pen jumped in the plastic kiddie pool that my feet found their way into for some momentary Ohio-heat relief. Out of no where, bomb. Thunder crept up, lightening followed, and we made our way to the porch to watch it.

    For real, I love thunderstorms. Those bursts of light that crack across the sky. The rumble of thunder fluttering your heart as it gets louder and louder. Destruction aside, it's beautiful. We actually got the very tail end of the storm, and were more watching from affair. Later, as we drove home, we saw trees and branchs everywhere. Had we been home, we would have seen quite the spectacle.

    The day ended with all of us peacing out before 8:30. For real, this whole three day weekend none sense actually messes me up more so than my usual work week. It really was a good, sticky July weekend, and I'd do it again in a heart beat. Any moment with those two is a moment worth melting for.

Holla to those who thought of Frozen on that last sentence. Mom Thugs. 

How was your weekend?!


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