July 13, 2016

    Well, that was fast. It seems like I sneezed and poof there goes June. I think I did a little better this month with my spending since my mind was otherwise occupied on  adult things.

Here's what I purchased June 2016!

Thrifted: Merona Elephant Blouse (Target) NWT $5
Thrifted: Sam and Libby Sandals (Target) NWT $4.99
Thrifted: Crochet kimono $7
Target: Gryffindor tee shirt $10.00
Target: Who What Where Peplum top $22.99
Amazon: Sunnies $15.90
JC Penney: Cobalt Sweater on Clearance $8
JC Penney: Sweater $5

Total: $78.88

L to R: Merona Elephant blouse, Sam and Libby Sandals, Crochet kimono

    Man am I having a lucky time thrifting lately, or what?! My local thrift shop seems to always have some great pieces of Target collection's past. I'm so in love with this elephant blouse and got a ridiculous amount of comments on it! Used shoes are something I'm weary on, but I never overlook the section of my thrift shop that have the original tags still attached! You can always find great sandals this time of year!

    I came across many similar crochet and knit kimonos in my shopping endeavors, but didn't feel like shelling out $24 bucks for one (the cheapest I found in store). I wanted one of these Coachella- esc pieces to wear over tanks and tees for a little dressier effect. When I stumbled on this one from the brand Canyon blues, (no idea who carries that brand) for just $7, I knew it was meant to be!

L to R: Gryffindor tee, Sunnies, Who What Wear peplum top

    Target, Target, Target. You never cease to amaze me with your cuteness. The Who What Wear collection seems to be all the rage this season. I had to feel cool, so I picked up this out-of-season-red as my first purchase. It's a cute top. I think I'll have more fun styling it come fall. I'm one of those dress to the season type of peeps. Certain colors, like red and orange hues, throw off my vibes. The Gryffindor tee, I mean c'mon, who wouldn't?

    Amazon has become my go to place for sunnies. When in comes to sunglasses and umbrellas, I'm cursed. No really, I break them in the most random ways imaginable. I never like to drop mad bucks on sunnies. Amazon has a ton of really affordable options that resemble high end buys! Like these ones that look ridiculously similar to the Dior ones! Shout out to Amanda for sharing these babies on her blog!

L to R: Cobalt Sweater, Grey Sweater

    JC Penney is a store I dislike, yet the last two months I've managed to find some decent things from there. Including this oh so soft "adult hoodie" I was wearing in my last week's Weekending post. I'm almost 26 and I feel like those graphic hooded sweatshirts from high school shouldn't be worn outside my living room. I've been on the hunt for some pieces that will work for all seasons that I like to call "adult hoodies." This thing is so soft, stretchy, and cobalt blue! The grey sweater won't get any wear until late summer, early fall. It's lighter, a little heavy on the stitch side, but was way too good of a deal to pass up! Who doesn't like to plan ahead? (;

What new goodies did you pick up in the month of June?


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