July 15, 2016

    Once upon a time I was curling my hair with a hair straightener because I was a poor, broke college student and one styling tool from Target was all could afford at the time. There I was, getting ready in our dorm bathroom when a former roommate told me I curl my hair wrong. I had no response. Wrong?  How does one do their hair wrong? Not to mention I had always received compliments on my hair, and still, to this day, do. All while continuing to do my hair wrong.

    When Irresistible Me reached out to me to try out their Diamond hair styler, hair straightener tool, I didn't hesitant in the slightest. I'm totally not ashamed to tell you all I have been using a Revlon hunk-o-junk ever single my amazing Hot Tools curling iron took a dump on me a year ago. The Revlon one is ok, but let's face it, the price says it all. Needless to say when Irresistible Me took time to email me and tell me they liked my blog and wanted me to try their hair straightening iron, I was all but doing back flips. Hair styling tools are so hit and miss in today's market!

    Though this is great for straightening, (that's coming soon) I prefer to wear my hair in big old wrong curls. I am fortunate to have a lot of natural body to my hair, and what curl I do have has a total mind of it's own.

   Using a hair straightener, rather than the typical barrel iron, gives you more of a natural fresh out of the ocean wave, rather than that springy spiral. I like to do both, depending on how I feel that day. It's summer time and beachy waves are in! I mean, who doesn't want to look like they just walked off a beach and took their hair out of a pony? This look was easily achieved with the Diamond hair styler! If you want to see the difference between my beachy waves and spirals, check out this post here where I had my hair in big spirals while we enjoyed the afternoon by the lake!

    I want to give a huge thank you again to Irresistible Me for letting me try out this hair styler!

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