June 17, 2016

    Let's play a little impromptu game of would you rather! Stephanie came up with the idea for this one in our collaborative series, The Friday Post, and I was all for it! These questions we so much fun to answer! How would you answer some of these? 

Would you rather be the smartest person in the world or be the strongest person in the world?
Smarts. Intelligence is far superior than strength in my eyes. 

Would you rather lose your eyeshadow palettes and brow products or lose your mascaras and lipsticks? I feel like I'd look really weird with just eye shadow and brows. I'll keep my lashes and lips. 

Would you rather have a full list of your internet history published on your resume or have all the photos currently on your phone sent to your parents? I am slightly fascinated with serial killers, if that gives you an idea of my internet history. Not sure a job would be down for that. haha My mom could ask to see my phone right now. No shame. 

Would you rather live in the country or live in the city? For the longest time I thought city. I grew up in the country and it was lame. As an adult, with a child, I'm trying my hardest to get back there. 

Would you rather never wear makeup again or never wear underwear again? Back when I was young I used to go commando all the time. I'm game. 

Would you rather have the ability to read someone's mind or the ability to change someone's thoughts and interrupt their free will? Yikes, I feel like either one of these would make me a pretty terrible person, but honestly, if I used my powers for good, changing someone's mind who was about to do something stupid, might not be so terrible. 

Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner or apply eyeliner as lipstick? Um... ouch? I guess lipstick as liner, though I imagine that would burn. 

Would you rather use a flip phone for a year or give up ice cream for a year? Well, I don't eat ice cream. So, yeah. (; You can have my smartphone when you pry it from my cold dead fingers. 

Would you rather go back in time or go forward in time? Is there a live forever option? haha For real, I'd love to see if we ever discover life on another planet. Or when we make contact with another species similar to our own. Oops, my nerd is showing. 

Would you rather have dark-colored nails all year round or have light-colored nails all year round? Light. I love my pinks! 

Would you rather vacation in Italy or vacation in Japan? Italy for sure. I think Japan would be lovely, but I get really uptight in big crowds. 

Would you rather give up concealer or give up lipstick? Concealer. 

Would you rather have 1 million followers on each of your social media platforms or be able to understand animals thoughts? Psttt animals for sure!!! Call me Kiki Dolittle! 

Would you rather become a famous singer or become a famous actress? Actress. I feel like singers come and go, but if you're a good actress, you're around forever. 

Would you rather give up your favorite lipstick or your favorite eyeshadow? Eyeshadow. 

Would you rather speak five choice languages fluently or be able to play five choice instruments impeccably? I wish I could speak one other language. It would be amazing to speak 5! Think of all the job possibilities! 

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