June 03, 2016

  A few months ago, Stephanie and I did this post, for our collaborative series, The Friday Post, and got lots of excellent feedback on it. Today, we thought it would be interesting to take one photo from each day of the last week of our lives and give a brief spiel about what it was we were doing that day.

Saturday.. I already recapped my weekend on Tuesday , but for the sake of the post, let me reiterate that we spent the evening at my parent's house in my home town. Probably ten years ago, my mom and I were at Lowe's picking up flowers to plant. There was a cart full of "these are pretty much dead" plants for 0.75 each. We snagged a primrose that has become so massive it grows into their driveway! I'm sure I'll take plenty more photos as it blooms more and more, but for the sake of my Saturday, here is one of the little pink primroses.

Sunday.. Also recapped on Tuesday's post, but we spent the afternoon at the lake. The water wasn't exactly fit for swimming, but we splashed around in it long enough to snap a few pictures.

Monday... Happy Memorial Day! We spent Memorial Day thinking about those who lost their lives protecting our country. We spent the day outside eating grilled eggplant burgers and corn on the cob.

Tuesday... Three day weekends make Tuesday so confusing. Tuesday is that typical that we-made-it-through-Monday day, yet in the event of a long weekend, it brings with it all the vengeance of a Monday. Looking at my orchids always puts me in a better mood.

Wednesday... My grandparents live very close to my job, so on days they ask to watch Penny, I can join them on my lunch hour. My grandma loves to garden, and bought Pen this little watering can so she can learn too!

Thursday... My "blah" week continued with rain yesterday. There's an entire floor of our office that isn't used and sometimes sitting up there for an hour in silence is the ultimate mind vacation. I call it my "mental clarity" day, and a few of my coworkers have followed in the trend.

Friday...Casual day in the office. Can you say yes please to jeans? I was feeling really unmotivated with my wardrobe this morning and tossed on a black tank and this blue, grey, and white Aztec cardigan. I decluttered my nail polish collection last night. (Snapchat: according2kiki) and rediscovered this sage shade from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Yeah, yeah, it's a little old, but the color is still banging, so it's staying in the collection.

What did you guys do this week?

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