June 13, 2016

    By now, we've all had our fair share of pain. It seems like every time we have had time to morn and accept an attack on American soil, another blindsides us. People are dying for no reason at all. No reason other than hatred. Hatred toward strangers. When will it end? When will we be able to trust our neighbor? When will this terror end? I have a terrible feeling we are far from the end of it all. That many more innocent lives will be lost due to those who seek nothing more than hate and chaos. I heard something on the radio this morning that really resonated with me.

"Remember to smell things."

    To some, that may be the very strangest of thoughts. The context of the quote was that we take our days for granted. We complain. We rush through life, and when tragedy strikes we're reminded. We stop dead in our tracks, look around and cower in fear. We stop. We beg and plead the heavens asking why, and we forget to cherish. Remember to smell things. Remember to smell that first cup of morning coffee as it dances under your nose. Remember to take a moment and admire those stunning flowers on the sidewalk. Remember to look at those around you and be thankful they are in your life. Remember we are all united as one, and we hurt as one. Remember today as more than just another Monday. Remember today as if it were your last.


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