June 20, 2016

    Man was that a packed one! The weekend I mean. Though I think I sleep more during the work week than I do sometimes on weekends, I seriously wouldn't change it for the world. Our family is huge, but they love us, and that's really all that matters.

Saturday.... We spent the afternoon at the lake celebrating Joshua's mom's 50th birthday. There was a lot of people and my parents even came! Something about my parents and his parents hanging out really makes the whole marriage thing feel legit. You know? I love that we can all get along and it certainly makes my life a million times easier! Still working on cloning myself so I can be eight places at once to please everyone.

    Pen loved swimming in the lake. I can hardly doggy paddle and was terrified of water as a kid, so the fact that she's dunking her own head under and laughing about it makes me happy. I mean, we did something right there. Next month she starts swimming lessons, which I'm sure she'll have a blast with!

Sunday.... Our kiddo refuses to sleep in anymore. For real, she wakes up at 6 am on the weekends, gets me out of bed, and we have breakfast. Then, she recognizes how big of a mistake it was to wake up so dang early and climbs on the couch with me and we typically pass out together for an additional 2 hours.

the closest my cats will ever get to one another

    After our typical morning nap, we got ready and headed to Joshua's dad's house to celebrate with them for several hours. It was hot-hot-hot and what was once a man made pond, turned into a hillbilly swimming pool. I can proudly admit I played no part in this, but I couldn't refuse them the fun. At first I thought is was kind of nasty, but she swims in the lake. You know, where animals live and do animal things in. So Joshua's dad's itty bitty pond that cycles new water all day long was hardly a concern. I had so many people asking about the photo of the two of them I put on Instagram as well as my snaps. So yea, hillbilly swimming pool moment at it's finest. Yes, most Ohioans are this classy.

    In the early evening hours, we headed over to my aunts (who has a pool) and cooled off a bit more with my dad and family. We did the typical hang around and talk, which is what my family does best, and Penny enjoyed playing with her cousins in the pool and running around the yard. It was chill, laid back and made my busy weekend feel a little more relaxed, it was the perfect end.

    Ok, so I admit I do not follow basketball at all (total baseball girl) but as I'm sure most of you that own a television or follow sports know, the Cleveland Cavaliers broke a 52 year Cleveland "curse" last night. I'm happy for all the fans. I mean, every one of my coworkers is walking around with a goofy smile slapped across their face. I didn't watch the game. I SOWEE. For the sake of being cool today, #BELIEVELAND

What did you get into this weekend? 

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