June 22, 2016

    I was a little late on the goal train last month, but managed to crank out a doable little goal list for what remained of the Spring season. I will admit I still have decorations at home that say "Hello Spring" and cheesy spring like decor still laying around. I'll get to it tomorrow. All in all, I'd say for the amount of time, I managed to tackle these.

 Closet purge.... So I kind of did this Saturday. I ended up taking two baskets worth of clothing, but I can tell you for sure more of this will be happening. Boom. Heck yea I did AND I organised it by clothing item! 

Nail polish purge....This so needs to happen. Not only do I need to toss some "old" bottles, I should probably give some away that I never wear. Like green? Why do I have so much green when I will only wear it in March? I did this over snapchat a few weeks ago. To my surprise, I kept a lot of my green, threw away 15 bottles, and gave 20+ to my sister and mom. 

Tolerance.... Weird, right? This is more of a life goal. I need to realize I can't control everything and life will just happen. I need to learn to tolerate people in my life that re there no matter what and in time, perhaps use tolerance as grounds to get to know them. Let's just say people can really push it to the limit with this one. I'm trying, but man is it hard, I wont say I conquered this just yet. Though I know it will take way more time than the month and a half I gave myself.

Reading.... There are times on lunch I'll play on my phone for an hour straight. I could totally be using that time to combat that lame I don't have time to read excuse. I mean, if it counts, the book is on my desk? I just haven't opened it yet. No Kiks, it doesn't count.... 

Original blog content.... This is probably the hardest things ever. I mean, what is original? It seems everything that can be done, has been done. A part of me wants something unique to add to this space of the internet I can call mine. I have been toying with the idea of doing outfit posts again, focused around mom styles. Hm? Thoughts? I'm giving this one a big old "forget you." I think we are all original no matter who we draw inspiration from. I'm doing this because it's fun and that "goal" kind of made me start to think of my blog way too seriously. So, for now, I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and hope people still read. 

Shutting the toy box.... Ok, this goes along with the declutter/ purge process. Pen's toy box is a place of misery and the lid does not shut. There's so much in it and so many things she could care less about. I really need an entire day to just sit in front of it, pull everything out and figure out what stays and what goes. Of course, this needs to happen when she's somewhere else or otherwise occupied. It shuts! 

    I mean, totally reasonable for a month and a half, no? Summer has just begun and I was thinking about new goals I could set for myself. Clearly I'll have a lot longer to dwell on this stuff so I made the list a tad longer this time around. What do you think?

Tolerance.... I mean, you can never stop trying to be calm and let life do the rest. 

Reading....This book literally cannot sit on my desk until September. 

Use up a bottle of nail polish.... My Spring polish purge had me wondering if this was really possible. With as many as I tossed, I have to wonder why I haven't managed to finish one lately. 

Do something charitable.... I need to be more selfless. Even if it's buying a homeless person a meal. No, not the ones that hold signs.... the real ones I see hiding and digging through trash for cans. Those people that would really feel something from it. I want to think of smaller ways I can make an impact too. Thoughts? Suggestions? 

MOVE.... This might be a horrible goal I'm setting for myself, but with the way things are going, there's literally no reason we should still be in our apartment come September. Double, triple, knock on wood. 

New camera.... My mom's camera brings tears to my eyes. It was dumb expensive and I want one. Stalking those sales..... 

Tattoo.... Yes, this is lame. I am 100% aware, but I have wanted a lightening bolt tattoo ever since I had my last one done back in 2011! If you're pondering why a lightening bolt, yes. Yes it's totally the reason you think it is. *pushes glasses up. This is way low on the pole of things I want to do and if it doesn't get done, I wont care, but I'd like to finally do it. 

The monster under the bed.... I dropped my phone the other day between that dreaded space where the wall meets the bed. As my hand searched around for it, I felt ashamed. There's a good three years of crap under there. This needs to happen, and as soon as possible! 

Baths.... I need to soak in the tub more. When I make time for it, my body thanks me. I love using bath salts and just listening to a playlist without thinking about any stress and hoopla in my life. I need to do this at least once a week. It keeps me sane! 

My desk.... My work office is very organized to the naked eye. If you were to open one of my five desk drawers, you'd see I am a big, fat phony. They are soooo bad. I have no idea what's even in them anymore, I'll save this for a rainy day when I can work through some lunches. 

Keep my cool.... I've expressed on here many many times that weddings freak me out. The entire premise and how people "change." It's awful. I think thus far, I have managed to be super chill in all our wedding planning and I want to remain that way. I want to be happy, sure, but the people attending need to be happy and comfortable as well. We are literally doing everything the cheapest way possible and ballin on a budget. My wedding band came yesterday. It's super simple and boring, but I figure in a year when we aren't trying to do a million costly things at once, we could replace in with something cool. When I tried it on, the marriage thing felt so real. Honestly these last few months it's felt really real. 

Oh yeah, I'm getting married.... I want us to write our own vows. Our wedding is already super nontraditional, so why not keep on keeping on? I have a good idea where I'm going and what I want to say, but I should probably get on that, yes? 

What goals do you want to accomplish this season?

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