June 27, 2016

    When I was pregnant with Penelope, I took what went in my body, as well as on, very seriously. I stopped using regular deodorant, and began exploring the natural options. I ceased all washes and moisturizers that contained acne targeting ingredients, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, and read a lot of blogs, books, and forums for safe products to use throughout pregnancy. Not only did a get to try a ton of new-to-me products, I felt like I was using things that were actually giving me long term results, and working with my body in a good way.

    For the longest time, we only really had one local health food store I could go to when I wanted to try out new products. It's called The Olive Branch and it's run by the cutest little old ladies that speak chemistry like it's a second language. Trust me when I say these women know their ingredients and possess Masters degrees in Chemistry. I still go there often, but since they are so small, I've pretty much tried their fair share of inventory. I stumbled across an online health food retailer called Vitacost and was so impressed with the huge variety of products!

    The Vitacost site is super easy to navigate and they sell pretty much anything a healthy alternative grocery store would. From sunscreen, to pasta sauces, to cleaning products, and more. I can guarantee this will be a monthly shop for us! Oh and our order came in just three days! Yes, three days! Talk about stellar shipping! I've had these products about three weeks now, and have played around with all of them. Though I like to give my full opinion on something after it's used up, I'm going to talk about what I like, or dislike about each of these products after about three weeks of daily use.

Here's what I picked up! 


    I purchased this stuff on a whim based on the positive reviews and, hello, the price?! On a side note, Ulta sells this stuff too, for $10 more than Vitacost! Just a hot tip. 

    I spread one pump of this stuff all around my eyes like a raccoon after cleansing and toning. Now, not to jump the gun here, but I was IDed two weekends ago when I was wearing no makeup and got a "oh, you look way younger than you are" response from the cashier. Is this stuff magic? Or maybe she was being nice? Whatever the case, this stuff is super hydrating around my eyes and I will fo sho be purchasing it again! 


    Andalou is a brand I became very familiar with shopping at The Olive Branch. I would consider myself to have Combo skin. Oily in the T zone, but with some dry patches. Who doesn't want a brighter, more radiant complexion? I threw this stuff in my cart, metaphorically of course, and have been pleasantly happy with my results. My only con, is that I really have to avoid my eye area, because this stuff will burn! However, the results I'm having with my skin are great, and as long as I'm avoiding my eyes, it's legit.


    I'm tried quite a few natural deodorants, and let me put it out there, that there is a stink factor when trying to get your body accustomed to not being covered chemicals. My advice to anyone trying to switch to a healthy deodorant, be aware of that. Be aware your body has to adjust. I will admit I have only had 1 smelly day using this stuff so far, and have used it every single day since I've had it. I really like it and have already ordered another since it's currently on sale. 



    Jason was another brand I was pretty familiar with as I used their Lavender body wash when I was pregnant. Can we talk about the size of this thing for a second?! Some major bang for your buck! Don't expect to see this anytime soon in a empties post. I'm guessing even with Joshua and I tag teaming this shampoo and conditioner duo, we'll get a solid 6 months out of these bottles. So far, I really like them. 


    As previously mentioned, I used their Lavender body wash when I was pregnant, but had never seen this tea tree one. It has an odd smell. I can't say I don't like it though. It's just not fake smelling. Which, as consumers, we can become accustomed to from years of overly fragrant products. I really like that all three of us can use this. I hate clutter, so having my body wash, a "manly" body wash, and a baby body wash is just irritating to me. Plus, costly. I mean, who said everyone needed their own body wash anyway? For now, we like this one, but I think when it runs out, I'll be picking up the Lavender one again. 

Have you ever tried more natural skincare products? 
What are some of your favorite brands? 
Have you ever tried Vitacost? What should I pick up next? 

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