June 10, 2016

    Miss Stephanie and I had a rough week. Full of different issues, different obligations, we were drained! I've mentioned a few times this week, I have been battling the most stubborn of bugs since last Friday and my brain feels like it's leaking out of my nose. No? Too much? Anyway, we decided to give this week's collaborative series a rest until next week! 

    Instead, here's a bunch of super old photos (like 3 weeks ago) I never thought I'd post. Why? Well, this was my first attempt at a "fashion" related post. Because while I'm not "fashionable," I wanted to join in the fun of the fellow moms here in the blog world and show some momsembles (word credit to Sierra). Man, that was a lot of quotes and parenthesis for any one paragraph. So anyways.... let's laugh at get to my outfit.

    In my mind, these were going to be super cute mommy/ daughter snaps right before we hit up one of our local favorites for dinner. Penelope thought otherwise. The restaurant we were going to is super chill and modern, so jeans and this black blouse, (wore the same one in blue for our engagement photos) worked perfectly. Except big. white. arm. All I see is big white arm. 

    Just when I thought big white arm was the worst of these photos. She pulled this. You know, that sarcastic cheese face kids give their parents when they want to get the show on the road? Anyways... I continued to rock the Zon, by sporting my rockstud flats. My jeans, are my favorite jeggings and a lovely little necklace by Bauble Bar I received in a giveaway. It was a simple outfit, but dressy enough for our dinner date. As you can tell, Pen was super excited about the night. 

    Perhaps future fashion type posts will be a little more on the formal side, but for now, this is whatcha get. Have an awesome weekend. We'll be looking at houses, and I'll be attempting to keep my germs to myself as we walk through stranger's houses. (; 

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