May 20, 2016

  Let me start out today's installment of The Friday Post by stating how happy I am that I'm not at work right now. Nope. The weather is perfect and we're spending the day at the zoo and checking out a new to me local restaurant. Hang in there guys! The weekend is right around the corner.
  Confession:  I am 25 years old, and still sleep with a stuffed animal, and you know what? I have zero shame admitting that. Let's jump into The Friday Post, focused around a childhood toy or memory.

  Sally is a stuffed cheetah. My parent's didn't gift her to me. She wasn't a prize out of a vending machine and really, there's zero meaning behind her. I was 6, she was in my grandma's garage sale (my aunt was selling her) and I snagged her up. There was always something about her and to this day she's been in my bed. Why? I have no idea.
  Today's post was supposed to be focused on something from our past that had meaning. Some sort of inanimate object that told a story. Most wouldn't consider a stuffed animal I stole out of my grandparent's garage sale as something that symbolizes their childhood. For me, it does. When I think back to my parent's house, sharing a room with my sister, my ratty stuffed cheetah was always on my bed. She came with me to college, and two other moves after that. Something that had no meaning, I gave meaning and I'll never get rid of her.

What's your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it? 

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