May 13, 2016

  Remember MySpace? That place where us cool Millennials began dipping our toes in the world of social media? I mean, sure, we had Xanga, for all our teenage angst, but MySpace was a total game changer. I could have a song?! Whatever song I wanted to blast across a stranger's speakers when they unknowingly had left them turned all the way up and stumbled onto my page. It was always so hard choosing between Flo Rida and Pussy Cat Dolls, no?

  Then there were those questionnaires. Those long bits of questions I had totally forgotten about until Stephanie came up with the idea of it being fun to fill one of the OG one's out. So for the sake of entertainment and nostalgia, we dusted off an old MySpace questionnaire for your Friday reading. Enjoy!

1) What does the lock screen and home page of your phone look like? 
The lock screen of my phone is Penelope sitting in pumpkins from October and my home screen is her in the snow from January. 

2) What is a word that you overuse or say repeatedly?
Literally, totally, there's probably a million more. 

3) What is the last song you heard on the radio?
"Cake by the ocean," DNCE

4) Which emoji is your favorite?
Crying laughing face for sure! 

5) Do you sleep with the bedroom door open or shut?
Open, so I can hear Pen. 

6) Do you take the mini shampoo/conditioner bottles from hotels with you?
No. I am so picky with shampoo and conditioner, that stuff never works for me. 

7) Would you rather encounter a bear or a swarm of bees on a nature hike?
I mean, you'd probably be screwed either way. Bees? 

8) What is your least favorite movie?
To this day, The Beach is the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.... 

9) Favorite food?

10) Do you know how to change the oil of your car?
No idea.... 

11) Favorite bread-topping?
Almond butter. <3 

12) What time do you normally go to bed?
Between 10-11 pm. 

13) What is your Chinese Zodiac animal?
Not going to lie, I had to Google this. According to the site I used, I'm a horse and I'll be poor and sick in the year 2016. Nice... 

14) How many languages do you speak? 
One, because American education is lame. 

15) Do you sing in the shower?
No, everyone is asleep. 

16) Have you ever shot a gun?
Maybe a BB gun once? 

17) Have you ever eaten Pierogis?
YAS! Pierogis are life! 

18) Do you wear slippers at home?

19) What career did you think you would have when you were a child?

20) What/Who was your first concert?
Nsync. I STILL have and wear my concert tee! 

21) What is a job you never want to hold?
Trash pickup? People are disgusting... 

22) Can you curl your tongue?

23) Are you a good swimmer? 
I can barely keep myself a float in a shallow pool. I'd drown in open water fo sho. 

24) Would you prefer a DJ or Band to play at your wedding?
A band, though I'm pretty sure my mom's booking a DJ. haha 

25) Black or green olives?

26) How many children would you like to have?

27) What is your favorite color?
Powder blue. 

28) Can you walk in heels?
Heck no. I am a flats girl always. 

29) Are you drinking enough water?
80 ml a day!

30) What color is your car?

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