May 25, 2016

  Again, Amazon delivers. Ok, so perhaps I'm an addict. If you ask my mom, she'd agree with that statement, but Amazon man, Ama-freaking-zon. Last Monday, I was laying in bed thinking about our upcoming zoo trip and our gigantic Eddie Bauer diaper bag. Don't get me wrong, I love that thing, but it's huge, because I over plan, over pack and over stuff. #momlife

  Thinking about waddling around the zoo carrying that gigantic thing was a terrible thought. In the past, we'd take a stroller and toss it in the bottom basket of said stroller. I knew for a fact, taking the stroller to the zoo this time around would be a total waste of man power. She's two and for the week leading up to the zoo, she woke up every morning telling me she was going to "see animals," and give them "huggies." The light bulb went off and I consulted trusty Amazon for an solution.

  Can we talk about the price first? Honestly, that was the moment I started throwing money. I went with purple, because from one mom to another, buy things that are put to constant use in dark colors. You'll thank me.

  On Monday, I shared a few snaps from our Zoo trip over the long weekend (see more zoo posts here & here). We're no strangers to the Akron Zoo, so I knew how long we'd spend there and roughly how many diapers and such to take. Snacks were another obvious as well as her sippy. (Which doesn't leak). Other things, such as, pants for her (you never know) and sunscreen (we've been loving this one and it sits perfectly under foundation) were the perfect ingredients to enjoy a day at the zoo!

  I can only hope this bag proves to be stellar quality in time (the reviews state it will be) and this is something I can purchase my fellow mommy friends. It comes in a ton of different colors and kept me hands free all afternoon. I plan on leaving this in the car for when we go on day outings such as this. Something simple so that a quick transfer from the normal diaper bag can be done in a jiff. Talk about some major bang for your buck!

Don't worry guys, I bought this with my own hard earned muh-lah and this company doesn't even know I exist. Always honesty here. 

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