May 31, 2016

"All gave some, some gave all." 
  We often thank those who have served our country, but don't forget about those you cannot thank. Those who gave up their lives so you can do even the simplest of things. 

  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather man was clearly off his rocker, because our weather was out of this world, leaving us to enjoy the long weekend every single day. Now I will admit I am exhausted, and my skin is dryer than dry from all that sunscreen, but it was worth every mosquito bite. 

Friday... Can you say YAS to leaving early from work before a long weekend?! I left the office at three last Friday and stepped out into the most beautiful afternoon. Hot and sunny. A little too hot for the jeans I'd worn to work. I headed to Joshua's mom's for while and watched the kiddos discover the sprinkler! 

  Friday night, Pen and I headed to my hometown to attend my brother's baseball game. The team didn't win, but he did have two double plays and hit a triple. It was an exciting game, and we headed out for ice cream afterword to celebrate. When I got home, our apartment was ridiculously hot. The way our building sits, we don't get a breeze. Outside was tolerable, but inside was like 10000 degrees. I caved, I turned the air before June, something I never do. 

Saturday... Joshua worked for a bit Saturday morning and I stayed home with Pen to do some things around the apartment. When he got home, the three of us hit up Target for a few things and then Old Navy for some of those classic flip flops. I swear I prefer sandals, but theirs something about an Old Navy flip flop and is just perfect for those days at the lake. 

  Around 3, we headed out to my parent's house for some sandwiches, potatoes, and watermelon! We spent the evening with food, each other, and some corn hole. Penny sort of made up her own rules. 

Sunday... We spent Sunday at the lake. It was a little cloudy, but we still made the best of it. The sun eventually graced us with his presence, but I wished we could have gotten a bit more sunshine out of the day. 

  I'm not being the slightest bit dramatic when I say I probably easily gained 5 lbs in three days. For real, there was so much good food and no part of me was saying no. Joshua's aunt made a super simple dip she called "Cowboy Caviar" (pictured above), and I may have had 5 bowls of it. 

Joshua's stepmom's tortoise

Monday... Penelope decided to wake up a little earlier than expected. She started acting sick and had the dreaded goopy eyes to go with it. After cleaning up her eyes and making her breakfast, she and I fell asleep for an additional two hours! I never "nap," but I guess this counts? 

  Around noon, we headed to Joshua's dad and stepmom's house for some lunch and relaxation. They have a nice big fenced in backyard and two large tortoises that have free roam around it. I had an eggplant burger, potato salad, and corn on the cob. Pen enjoyed some time in the sandbox and the kitty pool before feeling a little ill again and taking a snooze on a chair. We also saw some of our very first 17 year cicadas! Is this a thing in other states as well? We have none where we live, but a lot of our family members have swarms of them on their property! 

How was your Memorial Day weekend? 
Cheers to a short work week!

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