May 16, 2016

 I mean, we're making some goals a little late in the game, yes? The first official day of summer is like a month away. As I was laying around on the couch Saturday morning, sipping away at my coffee and trying to figure out why it was 50 degrees outside, I realized a list of unofficial Spring goals needed to happen. There's just way too much I say I'll do tomorrow, and end up forgetting about completely. Here's my efforts to appear like I have my life together.

Spring Goals... 

Closet purge.... So I kind of did this Saturday. I ended up taking two baskets worth of clothing, but I can tell you for sure more of this will be happening.

Nail polish purge....This so needs to happen. Not only do I need to toss some "old" bottles, I should probably give some away that I never wear. Like green? Why do I have so much green when I will only wear it in March?

Tolerance.... Weird, right? This is more of a life goal. I need to realize I can't control everything and life will just happen. I need to learn to tolerate people in my life that re there no matter what and in time, perhaps use tolerance as grounds to get to know them.

Reading.... There are times on lunch I'll play on my phone for an hour straight. I could totally be using that time to combat that lame I don't have time to read excuse.

Original blog content.... This is probably the hardest things ever. I mean, what is original? It seems everything that can be done, has been done. A part of me wants something unique to add to this space of the internet I can call mine. I have been toying with the idea of doing outfit posts again, focused around mom styles. Hm? Thoughts?

Shutting the toy box.... Ok, this goes along with the declutter/ purge process. Pen's toy box is a place of misery and the lid does not shut. There's so much in it and so many things she could care less about. I really need an entire day to just sit in front of it, pull everything out and figure out what stays and what goes. Of course, this needs to happen when she's somewhere else or otherwise occupied.

Spend more time outside.... With all the hoopla in our lives lately, it's really easy for me to stay indoors, making list after list of endless "to do's." I need to step back every once in while. I need to go to the park, get some fresh air and just give my brain a real break.

  I think these goals are all pretty achievable? I'll touch base on these near the end of June and confess to my success and failures. What do you guys think? Are there some goals you'd like to see yourself accomplish in this last month and a half of Spring?

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