May 02, 2016

  I'm one of those hate to admit when I'm wrong types. Alas, I am admitting to the failure that was my April no buy. Don't hate me, I'm human.

  It all started with a Sephora purchase back in March. It didn't work out, so back my purchase went leaving me with a $50 void in my soul when April began. Oh, and there was these two tops I purchased in March as well, both of which I returned and got the money back from. For Joshua's birthday, we went out and I wanted something new to wear. I did some thrifting and walking out with a new get up for under $25, the cost of the two tops I'd purchased and returned. I was still winning.

  I had that extra $50, that I logically should have just thrown into my savings account and not touched, but of course I'm me. I'm flawed. I really wanted to try a foundation I was hearing about, so I made a first time purchase with Jordana Cosmetics.

Jordana Complete Cover 2 in 1 Concealer & Foundation *CF = $3.99
Jordana Color Effects shadow in Supernatural *CF = $1.99
Jordana Matte Lipstick in Rio & Natural *CF $1.99 Ea = $3.98
Jordana Nail Polish in Sweet Rose *CF= $1.99 (bottle not picture)
Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara *CF = $3.99 (not pictured)

  Did I need all this crap? No. Of course not. Especially the nail polish since a small part of me dies inside every time I purchase a nail polish. They're literally all over my floor. It's totally shameful. The drive behind this purchase was the Complete Cover 2 in 1 foundation. I stumbled across it while reading a beauty blog and needed to see for myself. I mean, who can beat that price? I'm still on the fence with it, since it's only been in my life for 2 weeks.

  These lipsticks are awesome. Seriously, crappy packaging aside, the lipsticks are rad. Rio is my favorite because it smells like those Country Fair donuts I'm sure you've purchased at a gas station at least once in your life. Natural, smells exactly like the Milani lipsticks.

  Despite not at all needing a new nail polish, I was happy I snagged this one. The color is described as beigey pink, and that couldn't be more accurate. It's really just one of those perfect everyday nail colors I didn't need.

  The two products that left me feeling underwhelmed were the eye products. Jordana mascara is sort of hyped in the beauty community. I was so excited to pick this stuff up as I've heard Kathleen Lights on Youtube and Nadia, from The View is Beautiful both rave about this mascara. They are making me feel like mine is "bad?" Ha, don't we all blame the product being expired when our opinion is different? *monkey covering eyes emoji* My friend came to visit last Friday and saw it in my stash and said she too loved it. My problem with it is that it feels very stiff on my lashes and that it transfers from my bottom lashes every single time I try to wear it.

  The eyeshadow is literally unwearable. I've tried it with two different eyeshadow primers and nope. Perhaps they have other shades that work better? I won't be giving another a try though.

NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim *CF =$6.99
NYX HD Concealer *CF  =$4.99
Purchased from CVS on a BOGO = $9.48

  So the real reason I went to CVS was to buy ketchup. Yes, KETCHUP. I was one of those that said "meh" to the NYX lip lingerie line when it first hit stores but really wanted to try the shade Embellishment, because it's supposedly a dupe for Kylie's Koko K. Of course, they didn't have that shade and the NYX Bogo was taunting me, so I picked up Ruffle Trim and their HD Concealer that I've been wanting to try for awhile.

If you're bad at math, like me, we're at the ~$25 mark following my $50 Sephora return. 

  It really hit the fan when my friend Angela came to visit. She's a fellow makeup-a-holic and we're just total bad influences on each other. Her face looked flawless and I was scared to ask her what foundation she was wearing. I mean the girl wears Tom Ford lipstick and Georgio Armani foundation. When she told me the new L'Oreal Cushion foundation, I about died. We went to dinner, then to Target, where I just said no to all the lovely tops and dresses I tried on but did pick up a swim suit for Pen that was 15% off, and snagged another one of the sheet masks I've been loving lately. Since I was already back sliding into the waters of doom, a tiny sample size bottle of Pixi's Glow Tonic somehow made it's way into my basket as well. I mean, the magic of it all baffles me.

  On Saturday I couldn't stop thinking about Angela's skin and how amazing she looked. I needed the Cushion foundation (insert photo of me foaming at the mouth). Here's where you can be the judge if this counts or not. I purchased it on a gift card I had laying around. So technically.... yea, yea.... I'm making more excuses....

Pixi Glow Tonic *V, *CF, *GF = $15.00 - 20% off sale = $12.00 (not pictured)
Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist *CF = $15.00 - 20% off sale = $12.00 (not pictured)

  Not only that, that teeny tiny bottle of Pixi Glow tonic was my final demise. One whiff of it and I was seriously doomed. If you've never tried it, it smells like bananas. FREAKING BANANAS! Needless to say I went back Saturday and purchased the Glow Tonic.... and the Hydrating milky mist, because they were both 20% off with the Cartwheel app that day only and I literally need mental help.

Math fairy here again... we're a little over $50 by now...

  Sure, ok.... I failed. Way to start off a new month on a positive note, eh? Despite looking back at my excuses and horrible reasons for these excuses, I'm feeling very "Whatever I'm getting cheese fries," about the month of April. Bring on the new month because I May go shopping or I May not. ha, did you see what I did there?

*V products
*GF gluten free products
*CF not tested on animals

What damage did you do in the month of April?


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