May 09, 2016

  With crazy schedules and Joshua always working, it was nice to have a busy, yet not so busy weekend with family. How is this already my third Mother's Day?!

I apologize for all the grainy photos. Not one of us remembered our cameras this weekend!
Saturday... Last year, I shared on here about a local Italian joint, that serves mouth watering pastas and soups. It's a total hole in the wall dive, but we all know those are the places that serve the very best food! Joshua's stepmom wanted to go there for brunch, and let me tell you, it didn't take much arm twisting. After our bellies were full of omelets and waffles, we headed back to their house for a few hours to enjoy the sunshine.

  Yes, Joshua got dangerously close to that bumble bee, just for me. (; 

  Our evening didn't go as planned, and we were unable to spend time with Joshua's mom in the evening as planned. We are, however making his mom dinner this Friday night to make up for the lost time!

  Instead, Joshua, Penny, and I headed out to our favorite local dining spot, Danny Boy's. (A lot of Italian food over the weekend..). There, we tried a new appetizer that included three different kinds of fresh cut fries and dipping sauces. Joshua ordered a Chicago style pizza for his meal, and I enjoyed some veggie pasta with alfredo.

Sunday... So the weather was a little cooler than we had anticipated, but we made the best of it. In the early morning, we headed out to my parent's house, where Joshua power washed my mom's porch (a tradition I'm fairly sure he's roped himself into forever now). My brother was awesome and took Penny outside to play while my mom and I watched recordings of the Ellen show and sipped our morning coffee. Lazy. Just the way it should have been.

  Around 3, we headed to meet my parents, Grandparents, aunt and uncle at some extended family's lake house. It was our first time visiting their new home, and certainly wont be our last! It was a little chilly on the dock, but all around perfect for relaxation and good conversation.

Practicing for next weekend's engagement photo session. (; 

  We couldn't have asked for a better weekend! After the sunshine, snacks, and fresh air, it's making "Monday-ing" that much harder. 


How did you spend Mother's Day weekend? 

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