April 29, 2016

  Oh night time....... That lovely time where the entire world just seems to wind down. Stephanie and I thought it would be great to share our very different night time routines for the seventeenth installment of The Friday Post!

  Working a 8 to 5 job gets me home a little before 5:30, depending on the local traffic. Joshua gets off work much earlier and he and Penelope always greet me with their smiling faces and huggies (as Penny calls them) when I walk in the door. Usually, Joshua has started dinner and I take over from there. Both of us love to cook!

  Dinner is followed up by play time. Pen is quite fond of books and we always wind up reading nearly ten of them! She's also into those mega legos and her baby dolls.

  Around 7, it's bath time. She has 13 bath toys, (she counted them for me the other day). She loves to lay on her back and pretend to swim, and tell me that cookie monster is in the drain. Yes, kids have the wildest imaginations.

cell phone snaps.
  Since making the switch to a toddler bed, almost a month ago, we have extended bed time to 8 pm. At this time, her hair is dry and she's beginning to wind down. I lay in bed with her and read her one book before bedtime. She usually requests her favorite, Abiyoyo.

  Once the babe is down for the night, my nightly mom routine begins. Joshua works early, and usually heads to bed the same time as Penelope.

  I have really been enjoy the Dr. Teal's body washes these last few months. They smell amazing and it feels like a little mini pamper session. (more on it in my upcoming April empties post). For skincare, I have really been enjoying products from the line, Derma e. I've been under a ton of stress lately and my hormonal adult acne is slightly out of control. These two products have been helping a lot! I'd say for most of my life I considered myself to have oily skin, but in the last year it's switch to combination. I love facial oils and heard about this one on the radio of all places. I figured I had nothing to lose after all the positive reviews, and I have been really enjoying it! (Full review to come).

  About twice a week, I pamper myself with a sheet mask. I really love the Miss Spa line for their super affordable and effective masks. I will literally leave one on for an entire episode of one of my favorite binge worthy tv shows. I'm currently catching up with Arrow, on the CW, and the latest season of Scandal.

my favorite jammies! 
  I dont know about you, but laying on the couch, the corner of the sectional to be exact, drinking some hot vanilla, chamomile tea and watching your favorite shows is literally the best way to end the day. For the most part, this is how our weekday evenings go. We don't really like to go anywhere during the work week, because we have Pen on such a great schedule. Bedtime is a breeze for us, and we are so lucky! Any fellow mama can explain to you the importance of developing a routine. Nights go so much smoother and makes those early mornings that much easier.  

In what ways do you unwind in the evenings? 

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