April 15, 2016

    ColourPop is one of those YouTube heavy brands that everyone and their dog seems to be shoving in your face. With such hype, it's hard to decide for yourself if they are, in fact, worth all the hype they receive. Almost a year after my very first ColourPop purchase, I think I have a decent standing about how I feel when it comes to their products and which ones I'd repurchase.

    Stephanie and I are no strangers to ColourPop and wanted to share our top five picks from the products we have in our collection. Surely ColourPop probably has loads of great products, but these are the ones I personally own and use on a weekly basis. Click here to see what Stephanie loves from ColourPop!

ColourPop Eyeshadow in Strength *V, CF, GF, satin (No longer available)....Sadly, this shade came with a limited edition quad in collaboration with a Youtuber by the name of CoffeeBreakWithDani. This shade is a Satin and oh so pigmented. I often put this all over my lid and call it a day.

ColourPop Eyeshadow in Flipper *V, CF, GF metallic (No longer available)....Figures that the two shadows I use most are both no longer available. Sorry about that, but this is my honest opinion. Flipper is a beautiful orange Metallic shade. I wore it here, in October when I participated in the Makeup Mix Up challenge. (photo, below. Left).
L: Topanga, from this post R: Lumiere
L: Strength & Flipper on my lids. 
ColourPop lippie stick in Topanga *V, CF, GF, a dusty coral Satin finish.... I always get compliments on this shade! Let's be real, I totally bought this because of some childhood nostalgia, but fell in love with the packaging and formula. The sharp edge design makes application so simple and precise!

ColourPop lippie stick in Lumiere *V, CF, GF, dusty mauve matte shade.... Need I say more about this looks-good-on-everyone shade? This shade was on repeat for me during the holidays!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lumiere 2 *V, CF, GF.... I have three of the Ultra matte lips and this one is my favorite purely for it's shade. It's nearly the same as it's lippie stick counter part and surprisingly comfortable. I didn't include a photo of the Lumiee 2, because it's virtually the same as the lippie above. However, Lumiere 2 dries to that true matte finish, whereas Lumiere dries to more of a demi matte.

    Worth it? Absolutely. In all, this brand has something for everyone. They are made in the USA, cruelty free, and their lippie stix and lip liners are Vegan. There are a few products that are not, and are specified in the previous link. I will say I am not a fan of their eyeshadows labeled as Pressed Pigments, because I find their pigmentation to be ironically lacking. In all, this is a pretty stellar brand!

*V products
*GF gluten free products
*CF not tested on animals

What are your thoughts on ColourPop?
Do you own any of their products?
What are your favorites?

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