April 08, 2016

 Fifteen?! Is that correct? Today is Stephanie and I's fifteenth installment of The Friday Post and today's prompt is all thanks to another friend of ours, Amber and the launch of her new site, Love Indigo Designs.

    So I don't know about you, but I've never done a mood board. I mean, the opportunity has never presented itself and for a while, I stressed over the "right" way to construct one. After my thumbs became numb from the endless hours of Pinterest browsing, I realized something, there's no wrong way to make a mood board. duh..

    My mood board is focused around color. I knew that first and foremost I would pick a color that meant something. Call it pink, nude, blush, or mauve, that perfect soft pink was the shade I was channeling when I had this thing in mind. Rather than throwing a bunch of random pink things together, which is totally a legit way to make a mood board, so if that's more your style, go for it. However, I chose to take things from around my place that showed a bit of who I was.

the shoe.. Ok, I admit, these beauties have been hiding away all winter and what bit of "spring" we've had thus far. These shoes were sickly affordable, and look so much more expensive than they were. They show a bit of my own personal style. Feminine, simple, but I can totally get fancy.

the lego.. I mean, first and foremost I am a mom. This lego represents that. It represents the playful side of my life and the side that's the most important of all.

the lid.. the pink lid is actually the top of my jar that contains all my favorite teas. By day, I'm a coffee drinker, but night, I love to cozy up to a warm cup of tea. It's a ritual.

the polish.. if you told me I could only wear one nail polish for the rest of my life, it would hands down be Essie's Lady Like. It's a classy everyday color that fits the mauve/ pink bill in every sense.

the lippie.. Stephanie got me hooked on this shade by Maybelline, called Warm Me Up. It has a very neutral tone to it with hints of browns and mauve. It's creamy, and I've been obsessed with it ever since she sent it to me.

the blanket..My great Aunt passed away in 2010. We were close. She was an amazing person and a part of her will always live inside of me. While no one is perfect, I do believe she was. She was selfless, kind, and cared about everyone. I still doubt if she was human at times. I look back at her now, and remember things she did and how she treated people and question if she was really an Angel. This blanket was her's.

the necklace.. As I discover more and more of what I am considering to be "my style" I notice things like chunky jewelry just aren't me anymore. This is light weight, bold, but still simple. I can wear this with a ton of different outfits.

the orchid.. I have an obsession with orchids. Currently, in a small apartment, I care for 4 of them. Our optimal window space is pretty small, but mark my words, when we have a house, I feel like we'll have dozens. They are such a unique plant, but a little tricky to get them going. Once you find a good routine, they will love you back.

Have you ever made a mood board? 
What would your mood board say about you?

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