April 01, 2016

    If you've been in social media land for quite sometime, you're probably vaguely familiar with the "Truths and a Lie," tag. From internet tags to classroom ice breakers, this trend of getting to know someone has seemingly blew up over night. Stephanie and I knew we had to do something devious to celebrate the day of all trickery. After all, this is probably the most fooling anyone I will do all day while mindlessly getting fooled by everyone around me. Below are 6 statements about myself, one of which is a total lie!!! Can you guess the lie?

    We will be revealing our lies via Twitter! Not following me on Twitter? Let's be twitter mates! In the past I had only used Twitter for live tweeting tv shows. Yes, I am one of those people. I mean, I need to discuss with strangers what I'm feeling/ thinking while watching The Walking Dead. Emotional Support at it's best, no?

Check out Stephanie's post here!! Can you guess her lie? 

1. I have two webbed toes on each foot.

2.Talking on the phone is a huge phobia of mine.

3.I have three birds tattooed on my back.

4. I've kissed a camel.

5. I cry at every single movie I watch.

6. I love snakes!

updated: 5PM 4/1/16

drum roll please!!!!!! 

    Did you guess the lie? I heard several guesses, but was shocked not a single one managed to point out the lie. Perhaps I'm a much better trickster than I thought! (; 

    I do have webbed toes! As weird as it is. Yes. Me and my paternal grandmother both have webbed toes! In case you've never heard of it before, so does Ashton Kutcher

    To those who guess the tattoo, I do have three small birds tattooed on my lower back! In fact, I have 4 tattoos, all of which are pretty hidden unless I show you. The birds were by far the most painful as I had to bend forward and hold onto my ankles while sitting on a stool my entire session! 

    Though I'm having trouble locating photo evidence, I have kissed a camel! My sister and I both! His name was Bernie and he was a part of a traveling ranch attraction when we were kids. I'm not going to lie, he wasn't the best kisser. (; 

    If you guessed the movie statement, sorry to disappoint you, but that is SO TRUE! Whether it's Frozen or some action movie, I will find some reason to cry. Apparently I'm insanely emotional when it comes to fictional characters. 

    Yep. That's me and Joshua holding Joshua's dad's 12 ft albino Burmese python back in 2012! He no longer keeps these large snakes as pets anymore due to Ohio changing their laws towards then, but growing up, Joshua's dad always had a pet snake! Shortly after meeting Joshua we adopted a rescue ball python and named him Balthazar. Sadly we lost Balthazar in 2014. We love snakes!

    As for the lie, that would be number 2! I'm actually a receptionist! I love talking on the phone! 

Did you guess correctly? 


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