April 12, 2016

    The thing about weekends, they aren't long enough. For me, at least. Whereas the birthday boy got a four day weekend. Never the less, it was another successful one for the books with some awesomely crappy weather.

*an ode to crappy phone photos
    Saturday began waking up to a random snow storm. Nothing says Hello Spring like attempting to recover the snow brush you "put away for the season," in the middle of a parking lot, in ankle boots, full of snow. I did a bit of errand running and then we headed to dinner around 4 with a group of our closest friends at Joshua's favorite local dining spot, A1 Japan Steakhouse. Joshua ordered the hibachi chicken and veggies with rice and noodles. I ordered the A1 roll, which was salmon, avocado, celery, and cream cheese. The pieces were obnoxiously large and I'm sure it was entertaining enough watching me shovel pieces into my mouth. At least the chef kept people distracted.

    After dinner, Penelope went with my parents while Joshua and I enjoyed a night out. We went to a Scotch doubles fundraiser and while the night wasn't super organized and Scotch doubles turned into regular bowling, we made the most of it. I had a good time, but for whatever reason, it's really hard for me to enjoy a night out since having Penny. I mean, apparently I'm doing it all wrong?

    Oh, and I may have gone bat shit crazy with with my highlight because I never ever get to wear "night time makeup."

*check out my super sexy outfit though
    Sunday, Joshua was off to work for a while and my mom, Pen and I went to get our hair cut. My cousin is studying to be a beautician and my mom and I had been going to the same salon for over ten years before our beloved beautician was forced to retire for health reasons. I am quite obsessive with my hair, and it took lots of mental prep to let my baby cousin cut it, the first time, back in January. Wouldn't you know she did an amazing job and she totally better be ready to cut me for the rest of her life. No joke.

    I've wanted to hurdle that "baby's first hair cut" milestone for some time now, but didn't want to sacrifice my child's awesome natural curls. She's constantly flicking her hair out of her face, so last week, it dawned on me. Bangs. I mean, technically that's getting your hair cut, right? I am so happy with the way it turned out and how awesome she did!

I hope your weekend was equally awesome! 
North Easterners, looks like we're in for some warm-ish weather this week! 
Whether or not it's here to stay is yet to be determined. Mother nature likes to slap us with a blizzard every now and again. 

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