April 25, 2016

  We're slowly but surely getting to an era where our children are smarter than us. I mean, in some ways. If you've never seen a toddler handle a smart phone like a fifteen year old, you might not find this post funny, but let me try to set it up for you.

  We try to keep our phones away from Penelope, but every so often, we slip up. We're human, we forget. I am not that parent that gives her child a cell phone at dinner. Who uses it to "shut them up." Nope, not my jam. She does have a tablet, that was purchased against our will (Christmas, yo) which we now use as potty training leverage, but it never leaves the house. It's one of those kid safe tablets that sings the ABC's and teaches kids about time. Anyway... we're getting off topic.

  Human. Yep. We leave our phones for a second, and she sniffs them out like a rabid dog. Usually she just gets into the gallery to look at photos of herself or her cousin. She likes watching old videos of herself we've saved for sentimental reasons, and giggles about her being a "baby" once. Occasionally she'll head over to YouTube, which she somehow manages to look up Justin Bieber songs and these awkward child-made Frozen barbie doll videos. The videos are usually what gives her away and we snatch the phone back before there's any further damage. Like all days, there are exceptions and kids really do the darnest things.

  Apparently one day last week, Joshua had a took bathroom break, in which he left his phone sitting helplessly on the couch. I was at work, but every bit of me knows she was eyeballing the opportunity to snag it as soon as he was out of sight. Sure enough she did. However, on this particular day, photos of herself and Justin Bieber videos wouldn't suffice. Oh no, on this day, she needed to check out an app she'd never clicked before. Amazon.

  Joshua returned to the living room and snatched the phone in time to read a Thank you for purchasing Amazon Prime membership notification. In case you didn't know, a year of Amazon Prime is $105 and some change. As quickly as he could he canceled it and checked his account. Nothing had been taken out and he gave his brow a quick swipe of relief. All was good in the hood.

  The very next day, for whatever reason, some sort of esp was telling me to check my checking account. Joshua hadn't told me about the previous night's toddler fiasco so I was shocked to discover Amazon had taken $105 right out of my checking account without my knowledge. Especially since we already have prime connected to another email address. We just jumped ship and left our cable provider thanks to the Amazon Fire Stick. Of course my first thought was that Amazon took money from me because Joshua didn't set up the fire stick correctly. After some choice words with Joshua (I mean of course he thought the entire situation was hilarious) and a panicked phone call to Amazon customer service, my mini heart attack was over. The very next day I had all that money back, and the customer service rep from Amazon totally understood my situation. I apologized to Joshua for my hysterics and now, it's quite a funny story. Moral? Lock your phones, hide your phones, don't let your toddler have your phone.

What's the craziest thing a kid has ever done to your phone accidentally?

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