April 20, 2016

Here's what I bought March 2016,

Target: Star Wars Hoodie (clearance) $14.60
Target: Mossimo Swing Cami $16.99 (BOGO Sale) ~ $8.50
Target: Mossimo Tie front tank $19.99
Amazon: Star Labs Graphic tee $10.68
Target: Mossimo Crochet Back Tank top (2 of them on clearance) $16.96 --returned in April

Total: $53.77

  Alright, so looking at this, I feel better. In my mind, I went crazy and purchased a ton of crap. Yes and no. I kept it together for the most part in March. Oh, and this is like realllly late. Third week of April late.

  In terms of need, I really only needed two of the items above. I'm one of those people who compulsively buys cardigans, jackets, sweaters, and then nothing to go under them. Target was having one of those too good to pass up BOGO sales and I scooped up two basic layering pieces for underneath all those pesky items in my closet. While this is still a major gap in my wardrobe, even adding these two made a huge difference.

  The Mossimo swing cami feels like great quality. It's tag claims the fabric to be Rayon, but honestly, it feels more of that gauzey material. The hem has a lovely crochet detailing and the overall cut of the top is a shark bite. My only gripe with this top is that it runs large. I purchased it in my normal size and the arm holes and overall drape of the top are so large, I probably would have been more comfortable in a smaller size, but it still works under things. The Olive tie front tank is a little longer than I like my tops, but overall a good buy.

  Apparently, Target uses the term Rayon, very loosely. I purchased two more tops, with a super cool crochet back detailing online because they were insanely on sale. When I got them, the material was a thing of nightmares. It was clingy, tight, and dyed with some weird coloring that came off on my hands. Back they went!

  Let's be real, I didn't need the tee shirt. Sure, some of my around the house and Sunday tees have seen better days. Last weekend I did a huge clothing clean out and many of my tees had to go. Like, I still wore a few of them in high school, had to go. I am a total nerd at heart, so if you don't know, Star Labs is a DC comic thing. The Star Wars hoodie? I mean duh.

  With a little over a week left of my no buy month, and new Spring lines exploding in my face, I am so ready for a shopping day to myself. I have managed to keep a clean no buy month slate with a few loop holes, but have not spent anything extra on clothing or makeup. The items I have purchased this month, are because I returned a few things I purchased in March. April has been a rough month for me though, and a shopping trip can't come soon enough!

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