April 18, 2016

  How about that weekend? If you live in the Eastern United States, you probably know what I'm talking about. Dang. I am proud to report I made it through the weekend sunburn free which was quite the accomplishment seeing as we were outdoors more than we were in. It was super low key, but really needed with how busy our April has been.

  Saturday, Joshua was off to work and I offered to puppy sit a friend's Australian Shepard while they went to a concert out of town that night. Penny helped me out so much, but puppies are hard work! I swear, babies are easier to take care of. I managed to switch out all three of our closets during naptime and hopefully have packed up our snow gear for the last time. It was a busy day, but we had a lot of fun and got some stellar doses of vitamin D! 

  Joshua and I stayed up pretty late Saturday night and watched two newer horror movies. I've always been a fan of the Insidious movies, but was a little underwhelmed by the third installment. Have you seen it? Thoughts? We also watched Sinister 2. The concept is a little messed up, but if you can convince yourself that it is, in deed, just a movie, you'll survive. The Sinister movies don't really scare me, but really, no horror movies do anymore, but the freak out factor is totally there.

  Sunday, we spent the morning having brunch with family. The morning began a little cooler, but warmed up quickly. I survived in distressed jeggings, but it was tough. I will have to break my buy ban a little and purchase shorts this week, because I do not think I could suffer another weekend in jeans.
  After Pen's nap, the three of us hit up our favorite little hot dog spot, Dog Daze. In January, I cut out all red meat and poultry meat from my diet, and currently only eat fish in terms of "meat." Dog Daze offers tofu hot dogs and countless other vegan and vegetarian options. I opted for the Brooklyn dog, a tofu hot dog piled with their homemade Mac & Cheese.

  Since we had an early dinner, there was still plenty of time to go home and chalk up more of the sidewalk before taking a walk down the street to an ice cream stand. Pen wanted "pink" ice cream, so I ordered her Cotton Candy, which I thought would be pink. Nope. It was blue. She didn't seem to mind though.

How was your weekend?
Did you have lovely weather?

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