March 25, 2016


    There's something about seasonal changes I can't seem to describe in words. When Stephanie and I came up with the idea on focusing today's post on the official first week of Spring, I had so many ideas. Ideas, that I simply couldn't translate into words. Yep, it's gonna be one of those posts.

    Spring began quite rocky for what it seems like everyone. I follow friends from Rhode Island to Texas and everyone had similar this is the first day of Spring, feels on Sunday. If you're in the East, snow. Other's enjoyed some super cold temps after toying with the false idea Spring had come two weeks ago. Thankfully, that weird spell lasted us a whopping 48 hours and I can happily brag about the fact that I wore a jacket and flats to the office today.

    As I dropped Penny off with my Grandma this morning, I noticed her daffodils had come up. Daffodils scream Spring to me. When I was a child, I distinctly remember arriving at church, the lobby lead to a court yard, which was full of plats, trees and bird baths. Spring flowers would explode in that court yard this time of year, and just walking out into the court yard made you feel alive. I can still remember how the court yard smelled, where the birds made nests their nests. The memory is what Spring has always been about.

    I'm certainly not alone. Some of the most positive happenings occur in Spring. People feel the need to purge their belongings, donate, be charitable. Especially after the holidays when people tend to accumulate junk. Spring is an awakening. An Awakening of the world around us and of our suppressed winterized selves.

How does Spring make you feel?
Is there a newness that drives you to change your mindset? 

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