March 18, 2016


    Stephanie and I are back at it with our collaborative series, The Friday Post, after taking a week break. Speaking of which, did you check out her new blog set up?! She's quite proud all of her hard work has funny turned into a reality. I highly recommend checking out her new look!

    During a few emails, Stephanie and I came up with the idea to share our favorite texts, quotes, and pieces of literature. I don't know about you, but there are times I read a sentence, a quote and it sends chills down my spine. It makes me feel something and that kind of feeling is such a powerful force. I feel as if you have to really be in tune with your emotions to experience such sensations. Sentences have the power to connect us to emotions, to memories. They can stay with us for years, depending on their impact, and one particular book from my childhood stood out among the rest.

    My first copy of JM Barrie's Peter and Wendy was one I had unintentionally stolen from my elementary school library. Perhaps it's the world's most overdue library book? I can tell you I read that copy until it was falling apart and my later teenage self became obsessed with duck tape and that still holds it together to this day. Now, that book is safely packed away with various other childhood memories, and has been replaced with two other copies. One, I purchased about six years ago at Target of all places for less than $5, and the other, my aunt purchased as a baby shower gift so Penny would have her very own copy.

    Mine looks a little less than pretty. You'd never find it displayed for guests. It looks a little better than my first copy, but nothing to brag about but the words inside make me feel something on my darkest days.

"To die, would be an awfully big adventure."

    Perhaps one of the most powerful quotes from the book. The character of Peter Pan none Disney-fied, was actually extremely narcissistic, and selfish. When his character mutter's these words, there's a break in his character. Like he's changed, though temporarily, to accept what could come. 

"The lateness of the hour was almost the biggest thing of all. She (Wendy) got them to bed in the pirates' bunks pretty quickly, you may be sure; all but Peter, who strutted up and down on deck, until at last he fell asleep by the side of Long Tom. He had one of his dreams that night, and cried in his sleep for a long time, and Wendy held him tight." 

    This passage makes me so incredibly sad. Not because it's a sad time for Peter. He just defeated Hook forever, and is feeling extra cocky. What makes me sad is this sums up the relationship between Peter and Wendy in the clearest of senses. Wendy is growing up. She's feeling love for the first time, and finally understands the kind of love that exists between her mother and father. At the beginning of the book, she comments on a few of her mother's features and how she feels as if she will never be that beautiful. Again, because she's in that awkward almost woman phase we all go through. I think Wendy wants that feeling with Peter. I think she wants him to feel it and grow up with her. Peter sees Wendy's love as the mothering kind, which, as a boy, is the love you feel for a woman. As the story goes that we all know, Peter returns Wendy and her brothers to the nursery, Wendy grows up and Peter returns to Neverland leaving so much uncertainty to what could have been between them. It's really one of the most tragic unwritten love stories there is. 

"Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting."

    Another too tragic for words quote from a children's book. How much more real can you get? Personally I can apply this to so many happenings in my life. We lose people in our lives in one way or another and it seems as though we can never fully hold onto their memories 100%. My aunt has been gone 6 years this June, and I often find even my young mind forgetting bits of her. Her face, the way she tied a scarf. Those small things that our aging brains can't retain over time. Saying goodbye is forgetting. 

    There are countless other quotes from this book I could go full out on. I'm totally one of those people that thinks too much about things. That nit picks a story and sees all the unwritten stories to be hold. Pretty sure in the real world we label those people paranoid or conspiracy theorists. I mean, yes, but in a very fiction sense. I love to think about what happened to Peter; what is he still doing. This novel touched me at such a young age and I really hope my daughter can find something in her own time to feel the same about.

Is there a book, quote or text that consumes you? How does it make you feel?
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