March 02, 2016

      There's lots I've yet to accomplish in life, but those few things I have, that I'm proud of, have all come with their price. That price being, making me feel like the most awkward person alive. If you've ever been in one of those situations, you know what I'm referring to.

      The truth is, we're faced with a multitude of choices in life. Whether it's in our relationships, our careers, or even the lifestyle we live. Choices are scary. They give us a fear of uncertainty. They bring about a void of unknowing and our first instinct is to assume we'll fail. We've all been in that situation. Ask yourself, are you ok? Did you make it?

      Joshua and I have only tip toed into the journey of home ownership. A lengthy process that will most likely consume our entire year. Would you believe me if I said I have tried this before? Last year, in fact, around the same time of year. It was nothing we were super serious about at the time, but a part of me was curious. It had been 20+ years since anyone in my family had purchased a home and I knew time had made it a more difficult process, so I worked up the courage to call someone. Long story short, that curiosity ended in a week. I blame my nerves and the man I got in contact with, as he was full of misinformation. I really thought that was it. It was too scary to try again. Now a year later, after making myself super uncomfortable, after pushing myself it's all slowly but surely working out. Yes mom, I know you were right. 

      My point of today's short, but sweet post is that to do things you want in life, you have to make yourself uncomfortable. You have to push the envelope and broaden your horizons. Nothing is handed to you, and unfortunately everything comes with a price. Sure, that price might be your nerves, your mental stability, but once you've overcome your fear and reached your goals, that feeling will fade. That feeling will be filed away as a learning experience. I'm still learning. Learning all the hard parts of growing up but is there really an easy way? In my humblest opinion, I say no. There is no easy way to do anything, and maybe, just maybe,  that's the ultimate secret to success.

Have you ever pushed yourself outside your comfort zone in order to achieve your goals? 

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