March 21, 2016

    I've been more than vocal about my thoughts towards traditional wedding practices and until last Friday was certain when the home buying process was finished, that we'd be court housing it. Alas, minds change, feelings change and it started with a dress.

    Did I say yes to the dress? Oh no. In fact, this might be down right pathetic for some to read. It all started late February when Joshua's stepdad expressed his want to buy Penny an Easter dress seeing as she's his only girl grandchild out of 8! Of course I said yes, how could I deny him that? Plus, his excitement was all too adorable. I thought nothing of it until last Friday. The day it came in and the day I laid eyes on it. Sure, I'd seen photos, but believe me when I say had no idea I would feel the way I did. Spoiler alert, a toddler dress made me want to have a wedding.

    Besides the initial jaw dropping moment I had as Joshua's mom held it up out of the garment bag, I was rendered speechless. Each of these dresses are made by hand, to order, and the craftsmanship really impressed me. Of course, I couldn't leave something so pretty sit in my car all day long at work, so I brought it in and showed every single burly man who couldn't care less and all my fellow office ladies. The more I looked at it, the less Easter it felt. I'm not joking when I say I started welling up at my desk while it hung on the back of my door. The shroud of guilt that came over me was the worst feeling, because I knew that wasn't an Easter dress. It was a flower girl dress.

    As shocked as, well, everyone I know, is at my sudden change of heart, know that it's not just about the dress. I mean sure, the feelings I felt when I looked at it were real, but clearly some part of me wanted to have an actual wedding. Something I was suppressing due to incredibly stubborn reasons had finally come to be. Pen deserves to see her mom and dad walk down the isle. To set an example for her. Sure, it may have started with a dress, but it's going to end with something much more.  ♥

Has an object ever forced you into a sudden change of heart?

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