March 11, 2016

      I'm on this "what makes me happy" kick recently, especially after Wednesday's 50 happy things post. Which couldn't be more of a change from how my week began. Every Friday, Stephanie and I share a collaborative post surrounding a particular prompt one or both of our genius minds have come up with. Unfortunately, this week will have to be skipped, but for good reason. I can't say much just yet, but Stephanie is working diligently on something she's oh so proud of and I can't wait to see where it takes her!

      Going along with the things that make me happy theme I've unintentionally adopted this past week, I'm sharing a little memory from a few years back. Ohio is home to quite a few zoos which we frequent quite often. If you've followed the blog a while, you know we are indeed Zoo people. In fact, before I landed my current job, I was positive I'd be cleaning elephant crap for a living. Heck, I'd still do it if someone offered.

      The Columbus Zoo, located in Columbus, Ohio is, according to the Travel Channel, one of the top 5 zoos in the United States. It's endorsement by Jack Hanna himself and constant positive reviews do not lie. When in Columbus Ohio, be sure to make a day for this place!

      With summer around the corner (at least I think) I've been thinking about all the local zoos we'll be able to visit this year. I was flipping through some old Facebook photos the other day, and stumbled upon some from 2012 that really took me down memory lane.

Columbus Zoo, 2012

      Have you ever fed a stingray? No doubt the coolest feeling in the world. Sort of like a vacuum cleaner atop your hand. Though no need to fret over stingray hickies, they're super gentle. I strongly believe the media gives these animals a bad rep. Clearly after the world's favorite Australian passed away doing what he loved, people started to fear them. When I saw the Columbus zoo open a stingray cove, I was ecstatic. I've ALWAYS adored touching rays. Before you shudder in fear at this very activity, let me let you in on a little secret. Stingrays in zoos have been "clipped." A sting ray's barb grows every 3 to 6 months and can be clipped or trimmed just like our nails. From what we know, it doesn't cause pain to the ray since multiple studies have been conducted monitoring their stress and heart rates when doing so. It's a common practice of most aquariums and touch pools.

      Missing the point of today's post? Recently I've had a lot of nice feedback about making my personality more known through my posts. I've always loved animals. I mean, hello I'd voluntarily clean elephant poo? When stumbling across these photos and refreshing the memories I thought to myself, I really need to share this, it's so me. I'm multidimensional and really want that to show here on According to Kiki. I love looking pretty, cooking, and motherhood, but there's this whole other side of me that has yet to appear. The side of me that would clean up dung the size of a large dog and squish dead bits of fish between my fingers and allow cartilaginous fish to suck on them. Consider this random flashback post, a little get to know me, I plan on more of these types of posts in the future. 

Would you ever feed a stingray?
What's the best zoo you've ever been to? 
Have a good weekend!! 

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