March 30, 2016

    I did it once, so why not do it again?! We have some big things happening in the next few months. With our wedding only 6 months away and this being the first month we can officially house hunt, adult life's getting real. Of course all the worry and stress over the next year of my life will seem hilarious in time. Deep down I hope to be pregnant, and laughing hysterically at myself on New Years Eve of this year. Eating popcorn in our new living room, while happily spinning my wedding band around my finger. Can you see it? I can. Though I picture my laugh more of a I-conquered-the-world-villainish-cackle. Wouldn't that be something?

    In February, I participated in my very first clothing no buy. I was surprised that it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and excelled only breaking a tiny rule I have since squashed. April will be my second go at a no buy month, and this time, I'm throwing an even bigger goal for myself.


    Say what? Yes, that's right. April will not only be the month of no buy clothing items, but it will be the month of no buy makeup items. I wouldn't call my collection obnoxious. (Not anymore at least). When we moved to our apartment, I tossed a TON of my previous stash. I was young, didn't save money and blew my entire paycheck on eye shadows and fancy mascaras. I did really well for a long while, but recently, as I slam my overstuffed drawers of product I forgot I owned shut, I notice how bad it's getting again. A quick fix to the solution? A no buy month. It's going to be a tough one. Curse you Spring collections. I know I can do it. I already have done it. So my makeup and clothing loving blog friends, will anyone being joining me in an April No Buy month?

Have you ever participated in a no buy?
Check out my experience with my first no buy, here


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