March 09, 2016


      Today, 50 things that really make me happy. Not the temporary smiles and such, but the real happiness. The genuine kind you can't buy. Well, not true, some of this stuff you can buy, but the pure happiness and feels surrounding it makes it special. Sometimes we get in spots in our lives where we really just need to think about happy things. You know, rainbows and butterflies. Whether it's negative happening in your own life or in the people around you, sometimes it's therapeutic to look at a list of 50 things to smile about.

1. my shiny Penny
2. my reason for sanity - Mr. Joshua James
3. health
4. my ridiculously large family
5. the ridiculously large family I'm marrying into
6. at this current second, phone chargers...
7. anything that tastes like Starbucks
8. acceptance of oversized clothing in the work place
9. the sound of water
10. the boy who lived
11. photographs
12. the power of friendship
13. pistachio everything
14. orchids
15. shadow puppets
16. acceptance
17. the laughing cry emoji - so over used
18. lipstick
19. meditation
20. unnecessary colorful office supplies
21. the smell of coconut
22. weekend sales
23. being the first one in the parking lot for the weekend sale
24. making someone smile
25. fuzzy socks
26. hot chocolate. - all year round
27. star wars
28. sushi
29. the genius minds behind sock prints
30. mauve colored everything
31. spring
32. freshly painted nails
33. lavender
34. pinky swears
35. using a pen and paper
36. comfy shoes
37. cheese, glorious cheese
38. one too many coffee mugs
39. female heroines
40. opening letters from far away friends
41. discussing motherhood
42. Ulta's return policy
43. Disney anything
44. toddler clothes
45. dark chocolate
46. the warmth of the sun
47. cats
48. making others happy
49. babies. I mean, duh?
50. my blog, and those of you bored enough to read it! ♥

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