February 24, 2016

      Three day weekends are supposed to be the ultimate adult excitement, right? Well, aside from week long vacations and holidays. However, my three day weekend was slightly bittersweet. Exciting, and wonderful, none the less, but bittersweet. Monday, Penelope turned the big two! sniff sniff. You mean two years this happened?

      Man oh man do I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Even if that is the most cliche sentence to ever leave a mom's mouth. It's totally true.

Anyway.... Consider today's Toddler Tales post sort of an update/ what we did for Pen's birthday weekend. Let me just tell you we were 50 shades of lucky with this strange Ohio weather over the weekend. If you follow me on Snapchat, you saw a huge snow storm Tuesday morning in which Joshua had to come home and get Pen and I so I could go to work. As Ohio would have it, BOOM less than a week later an we're walking around the dang zoo. If you're new to According to Kiki, let me just tell you, we LOVE the zoo.

      We began our Monday with a trip to Cleveland. We attempted to time the drive in such a way that Pen would take a nap, but of course that didn't happen. We arrived to what felt like an abandoned zoo around eleven. Keep in mind, we go during the summer, when it's packed! So it was an odd contrast visiting in February.

      First up, was the rain forest attraction. It's all inside, and super warm. Really, we had to peel layers off ourselves upon entry. The rain forest is a nice attraction, but it hasn't been updated since I was in 4th grade. No exaggeration. Sure, to a toddler it's awesome, to an adult, it's just ok. I wish the zoo would work funds to spruce it up a bit.

      Since the air was still a bit brisk despite the sunshine, we only walked to see the flamingos and elephants. The elephants, of course, were all inside and Pen enjoyed seeing them walk around. After we blew all the elephants kisses, we hopped on a trolley and rode it to the primate building, which also houses a few smaller big cats and quite a few species of fish. It was all inside with plenty of room to run around. Since there were only a handful of other people there, it was nice letting her roam around and watch her look at what she wanted to. Of course it fed into her big girl independent attitude she's picked up out of no where this past week.

      We left the zoo and headed to a nearby mall to check out the Disney store. Our mall's Disney store closed back in the early 2000's and we've missed it ever since. As I walked through the red Mickey ears and into the sea of toys and gear, I totally felt like a kid again. Especially all the Star Wars stuff. Drool. But, I resisted. However, I couldn't say no to my birthday girl. She's become quite fond of dolls lately and we let her pick any doll she wanted. She chose "Punzel."

      Following our mall adventure, we back tracked home and hit up one of our favorite restaurants! Melt Bar and Grilled has been featured on the food and travel networks and is slowly creeping it's way all over Ohio. With 6 (soon to be 7) locations and a one of a kind dining experience, we find any excuse to eat there. Joshua and I have been featured on their instagram page!

      Judging by her smiles, I think Pen had a fabulous second birthday. Surprisingly, I kept it together and have still yet to break down and sob over her baby book. Growing up only means we get to do things. We get to build more memories together and that is the best part of it all. ♥

How was your weekend?

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