February 12, 2016

      Have you ever taken a photo every hour for an entire day? Well, thanks to the creative mind of my friend Stephanie, I can now say I have. It was a fun experiment and really caused me to be creative. I mean, on an average day, I'm in the office. What's so interesting about that? We wanted to keep it super real if you will. All photos were taken with my phone with zero adjustments. Hence why most of them are SUPER yellow from artificial light. Here's what this past Wednesday looked like.

6 am- I figured this was a good starting point. I wake up between 5 and 5:30. aka I snooze my alarm for a half hour until I've manged to moan and groan my way out of my covers and to the coffee pot. Around this time I'm still pajama clad, but about half way done with my hair and makeup.

7 am- Pen's typically anti mornings, so dont be fooled by this smiley photo. I wake her up about 6:45 and we are out the door by 7 (on a good day).

8 am - This an every morning thing. Me, sitting in my car putting my lipstick on in my rear view mirror minutes before I have to be in the building. On that day it was MAC's Nude Rose.

9 am- Cup number 3.

10 am- I'd totally be lying if I said I didn't do this specifically for my 10 am photo. In all honestly I had been wanting to take a photo of this guy in the snow looking all bad to the bone ever since he surprised his way into my mailbox all the way from the east coast. I have some pretty epic plans for future photo opps. (;

11 am- I usually take a hour hour or so to balance out my planner. It's a mess in there. It's pretty rose quartz-ness totally gives the illusion I'm an organized person, right? My planner was $8 from Target and the Papermate Inkjoy has been my favorite pen for the last ten years. {insert old lady emoji}

12 pm- On Wednesday, I spent my lunch hour eating left over potato tacos and making a grocery list.

1 pm- Projects.

2 pm- Gettin stuff done.

3 pm- A selfie, because why not?

4 pm- I am in love with my Tervis Tumbler. I've had it for two years and take it absolutely everywhere. On a good day, I drink 4 -5 of these 20 oz. bottles.

5 pm- Taken from the inside of my car. It was one of those hope the heat from the car melts it situations. I hate snow, but it is pretty.

6 pm- A snapshot of one of my orchids. I feel like a post is due for them. I have 4 and they are my favorite flower. This one, was actually my Valentine's Day gift from last year!

7 pm- Playing after dinner. We had these again. Sooooo good!

8 pm- Yes, that is an O.G Michael J Fox Teen Wolf t shirt. Snagged that sucker two summers ago at a local Goodwill. It's the best. After my shower, I like to curl up on the couch with some hot tea and watch some Netflix. Currently binge watching on Arrow. 

So there you have it, a day in my life through pictures. It's not super interesting, but it's a real every day routine for me and honestly, I love it. 

Read about Stephanie's day in photos, here

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