February 05, 2016

      Have you ever wished you had one moment, a second, to talk to your past self? Perhaps you made a mistake, or just wanted to give the once awkward you a bit of advice. Today, Stephanie and I are doing just that with our collaborative series, The Friday Post, and writing letters to our past, stubborn selves. 

       If I'm timing this right, you're sixteen. You've finally (sort of) found yourself and are surrounded by a small group of friends you feel will never leave your side. You get along with everyone, you have fun and dont worry too much about boys. Believe me when I say your future self is super proud of you for not throwing yourself at guys. For recognizing that chasing after that cute basketball player, just wasn't worth it. Which, by the way, that cute basketball player, whom you had a cute flirting moment with, is over weight and balding before 25. Don't get on yourself that he went for the younger, prettier, (easier) you.

      The world as you know it, is so different ten years down the road. People you thought you'd have in your life forever have become nothing more than a Facebook profile (think myspace, but cooler). You'll check up on each other every so often, but in the end, those face to face interactions and long night talks laying in the back of the Durango will be distant memories. Those night swimming summers will just be blurry photographs and faces of those people you'd once give your life for, will start to change. I'm not trying to scare you. In fact, I'm reminding you. Nothing is concrete, no one will be in your life forever. Our timelines crisscross all over the place. I'm writing to tell you that it's ok. It's ok to drift apart, and cherish those summer nights that shaped you.

      I know you're afraid. I know you think that leaving those dusty, dirt roads behind and beginning a new chapter, is in fact closing the book on an old you. In a way, it is, but the sequels are a lot more interesting. Being an adult is hard. There are so many things you'll discover. So many new emotions that emerge that the teenage years can't begin to tap into. It's exciting and terrifying at the same time, but the reason you wake up every day.

      I want you to promise me you'll slow down. That you'll cherish these last few reckless years of your youth and document it as much as time will allow. Hold those that make your life. Tell them you love them, and beyond all, I want you to live. Live for the moments, no matter how crazy they may be.

      Oh, and in five years, you're going to love country music. Don't ask me how the hell that happened, just a heads up.

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