February 19, 2016

      Morning Routines. We all have one, and for the most part, if something works, it stays. When you have a two year old, having a schedule is life changing. Sure some mornings are slightly more hectic than others. We all have those mornings when getting out of bed is difficult. When I say difficult, I mean my alarm sits on the other side of my room. When it goes off, I go into panic mode and attempt to free myself from the 27 blankets I'm tangled in so the beeping doesn't wake Pen up. If you could see me, I'm sure I look like a crazed octopus of sorts. Like that mental picture?

      Stephanie and I recently discussed the differences between a morning routine of a mom and that of someone she refers to living in a DINK household. (Dual income no kids). Catchy, right? Not going to lie it's new terminology I dont feel ridiculous or old using. Here's my morning routine in a nutshell. Check out Stephanie's morning routine!

5 am- beep beeps
Who else loathes this sound? Consider that rhetorical, since no one in their right mind would find a buzzer pulling them out of a dead sleep soothing. Really it's frightening. That can't be healthy? Is there science to back this?

5:30 am
By this time I've stumbled my way into the kitchen and managed to spill coffee all over the counter pour myself a cup of coffee. I then make my way to the bathroom where I inadvertently blind myself by flipping on our overly watted bulbs. There's some face washing and prepping that goes on at this time too. All while I binge watch YouTube videos.

I've recently picked up this cleanser, by Pacifica due to it's good reviews and stellar ingredients. So far, I have no complaints, and it smells like cake by the ocean. No, I'm not trying to be cute, that's literally what it smells like.

6 am
While all my skin products marinate (really, could I have used a word more awkward?) on my face, I do my hair. When I say do, I mean I use a curling iron to fix the pieces I smushed while sleeping and shake my hair into existence. Nothing fancy. The entire process takes a whopping 5 minutes.

After my hair I throw on some eye makeup. I make it a point to switch it up on a day to day basis that way all of my products are in constant rotation. Typically I lay out what I want to wear the day before. My two favorite palettes of late are the Carli Bybel Palette and the Lorac PRO 2 palette.

everyday blush: Milani Romantic Rose ; favorite eyeshadow primer (recently new packaging but SAME product): Wet n Wild PhotoFocus Eye Primer ; One of my favorite mascaras ; Current favorite lip balm

6:30 am
This is about the time I start applying my foundation. My skin is very finicky with foundation so I pretty much stick with the same one every day. I usually wait 5 minutes between foundation and concealer. I find if I do one right after the other I see get cakey. To pass the time I usually do my brows and get dressed. Once I've applied concealer (I still dont have one I love, so I didn't list one) I follow up with my every day favorite blush Milani's Romantic Rose and a highlighter from my Carli Bybel palette (left two highlighter shades or the pink eyeshadow shade work with my skin).

I wake Pen up at about 6:45. She's not a morning person, and it takes her a minute. Since I pack all of our bags the night before, and lay out her outfit, I can give her some time to wake on her own. Trust me when I say it makes all the difference!

7:10 am
If we're lucky, this is when we make it out of the apartment. Thanks to Joshua's impeccable gift giving, I now have a remote start and we go out to a nice, warm car.

7:30 am 
On a good day, this is when I drop Pen off for the day until Joshua gets off at 1. In the meantime, we are very fortunate she's able to stay with family. She's never been hard to drop off in the mornings. I get a hug, kiss, and she says "Bye Mom. I love you."

8 am
I arrive at work at ten til and typically sit in the car and apply lipstick before heading in for the day.

      So there you have it. It's not anything special, exciting, but it's my real life every day routine. My best advice to moms who have little ones and trying to get out the door at a decent time, is to plan ahead. Pack bags, lunches the night before. Pick out outfits the night before. Lay out your beauty products the night before. Oh, and a programmable coffee pot is the best purchase you can make for yourself. I find things work much more smoothly this way, and lead to productive, smooth sailing mornings. I mean, being on time to work is sort of a big deal right?

How do you tackle your busy mornings?

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